terell jermaine boyd, also know as Que, is an Autobot in the Dark of the Moon franchise.
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Affiliation: Autobots
Function: Scientist
Alternate Mode: Mercedes-Benz E550
Weapons: Boom-Sticks/Grapple Gloves (never used), rotating-sawblade (toy only)
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Alongside Ratchet, Wheeljack is one of the Autobots top scientists, and quite the inventor. He is also one of the older Autobots, even serving with Sentinel Prime before his betrayal. Bumblebee is a great friend of Wheeljack as well.

They're great inventions for kicking ass!

—Wheeljack to the Humans

Dark of the Moon (film)Edit

Que is first seen in the Dark of the Moon film alongside Dino, Bumblebee, and Sideswipe while heading to an illegal power plant. Que manages to detail his vehicle mode so that it looks like the Area Commander's Mercedes.

Que later appeared in the NEST Base in Washington D.C, and is seen completing a Heavy Iron Cannon - which he gives to Ironhide. Soon afterward, he joins the commotion about Optimus, while in his vehicle mode, not speaking to anyone. When Charlotte Mearing asks if this is the "silent treatment", he replies by saying "definitely not."

Que was later among the present Autobots that were exiled from Earth, and were leaving on the Xantium. When Sam first confronts Optimus, and he replies that what his leaders said was true, Que replies by saying "Aye," before boarding the Xantium. He was thought to have been killed when Starscream demolished the Xantium - but was revealed to have survived among the other Autobots on board.

Wheeljack Death Protoform

In the battle of Chicago, as the Autobots meet up in a small building, Que gives Sam, Epps, and his friends Grapple-Hook Gloves and Boom Sticks, and is urged by Sideswipe to hurry up.

Wheeljack Death

"A perfection of means, and confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem .. oh, yes, not for Barricade."

However, Que is later seen with Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Dino and Ratchet - who were all captured by Soundwave, Barricade, and several Decepticon Protoforms. After Dylan encourages Soundwave to host an execution of the Autobots, Soundwave agrees, and Que realizes out loud that the Decepticons were going to kill them, and this proves to be a true fact when Barricade begins to lead him away from the other Autobots. As Que attempts talking them out of killing him and their friends - a Protoform shoots him in the side, and Barricade delivers a fatal blow to the old Autobot.

Moments after his death, Bumblebee is then chosen by Soundwave to be executed, and as Soundwave drags him away, Bumblebee halts next to Que's remains, mourning his demise before being painfully dragged away by Soundwave. Miraculously, Bumblebee gets his revenge on Soundwave for having Que get executed by executing Soundwave himself.

Dark of the Moon NovelEdit

Wheeljack also appears in the Dark of the Moon Novel - though he is not recognized by the name "Que." He makes his first appearence in the novel alongside Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and Mirage, who invade a nuclear plant and manage to scare the guards so much that they manage to sneak in.

He later appears in the Autobot base, as Optimus Prime argues with Charlotte Mearing. Near the middle of the novel, Wheeljack is among the eleven Autobots (including himself) that are exiled from Earth, and they leave on the Xantium - which is violently destroyed by Starscream. Wheeljack is thought to be dead among the other Autobots until the final battle, when the Autobots and the Humans group together. Wheeljack gives the humans grapple-hook gloves and boom sticks, just like in the film, before they begin moving through Chicago.

As the Autobots ride on, however, the ground beneath Wheeljack rumbles - causing him to swerve off the road and into a river. Sinking to the bottom, he dubbs himself as being foolish in his mind, before several Decepticon Protoforms begins to converge upon him. Wheeljack fights back with firepower - but the ammunition moved too slowly through the water, and the Decepticons were successful on tearing him apart. As the Autobots and Humans wait for him to resurface ... his remains begins to float to the surface, piece by piece, before floating downriver, to which Sideswipe remarks that they need to win the war to ensure that Wheeljack did not die in vain.

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