Warpath is an Autobot heavy firepower muscle 'bot almost

Warpath's catchphrase: KABLAM!!

compared to Brawl. He appeared in Transformers Dark of the Moon: The Game as a boss and a playable Warrior character in the Multiplayer mode.

Dark of The Moon Video Game Edit

When Megatron headed to free Shockwave and his Driller from their freezing cyrogenic chamber, he was intercepted by Warpath along the way. Warpath then told Megatron "not to go down too easy" and wanted this to last and he replied that only lasts is Warpath's suffering. Then a brutal battle broke out between them. Despite with all his protective durable armor and massive firepower, he couldn't defeat Megatron and fell after sustaining heavy attacks. Megatron then commented that Warpath couldn't take him down on "his best day" and proceeded on his way to the freezing stabilizers.

His fate is unknown whether he is found by the Autobot/NEST search party and revived or killed in combat when he fell in battle against Megatron or possibly just lying there unconscious (besides, the Decepticon leader didn't finished him off that easily like he did to Optimus).

Warpath on the warpath.

Trivia Edit

  • When Warpath showed up in Dark of the Moon:The Game, some fans think that he'll show up in the DOTM movie, but he didn't. Thanks to Micheal Bay, who reluctantly scrapped some of the supposed-to-be-appearing Autobot and Decepticon characters on three Transformers movies (Transformers The Movie, Revenge of the Fallen, and Dark of the Moon).
  • After Warpath was beaten, his body didn't disintigrate or leak any energon, there was a possibility that he survived and would come back in the fourth Transformers film, but unfortunately, he never did.
  • Warpath's alternate vehicle mode is quite compared to Brawl's and so was their weaponry making fans think that these two would make them rivals except for the colors of their vehicle modes which were M1 Abrams tanks.

    If Brawl was in the DOTM game, I would fight him with fire with fire, the M1 tank I mean.

  • Warpath is voiced by Dave Fennoy.
  • Originally he was supposed to have a role in Transformers Dark of The Moon but his role was cut for a unknown reason
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