We need users on this wiki.This wiki is in a horrible state right now.If we get users,this wiki will be in a great state.This wiki also needs a logo.There are only 4 users on this wiki that currently edit.The users are Skycommander,SS7,unknown user,and me.This wiki is advertised on Google.There were many users that were here when this wiki was the DOTM wiki.This wiki needs a new URL also.How about we just create another wiki called the Transformers Movieverse Wiki.Most people think this is the DOTM wiki because of its URL.Just because the logo says Transformers Universe Wiki,doesn't mean this is.I suggest we create a new wiki and start transfering the pages.Plus this wiki needs a new color.I dislike this grey color.I suggest switching to white,red,blue,or purple.Grey signifies that this wiki is dull.Let's start fresh!!!

--User:IRONUPTHEHIDE and the autobots are here to help you. 13:34, January 14, 2012 (UTC)

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