The Transformers Movieverse Wiki is a growing website that covers all of the information in the Transformers Film Series. This article details our website's History.



The Transformers Movieverse Wiki was created on November 8th, 2010, by Barricade123. It was originally titled the Transformers: Dark of the Moon Wiki. In August of 2010, however, a user named Starscream7 had created a Dark of the Moon Wiki, making this one a dupe. Unluckily to the original Wiki, users began to come to edit here more often. It came to the point that it was realized by Starscream7 that Barricade123 wasn't doing his job, and he decided that he needed to be demoted.

The RebellionEdit

Starscream7 allied with Shockwave 56 and Spectra999 to formulate a plan to bring down the bureaucratic founder. They attempted asking Barricade123 for bureaucrat powers so that they could block him and hopefully take a safer control point of the Wiki. However, Barricade123 ignored their responses for an unknown reason.

The Plan FailsEdit

They continuously attempted messaging him, until Shockwave 56 seemed to finally cease activity and was drawn into inactivity by April 2011. Starscream7 and Spectra999 continued their mission, and in the meantime, a user named User:IRONUPTHEHIDE joined. Realizing that Shockwave 56 was gone, Starscream7 told him of the situation and he decided to help them. Within only a month, it came to Barricade123's senses that Starscream7 needed to go, and he blocked him for a year in July of 2011. Also in July, Spectra999's activity began to drop, and soon he was drawn into inactivity as well. It was left to IRONUPTHEHIDE to attempt bringing down Barricade123. However, upon Starscream7's inactivity, IRONUPTHEHIDE soon left as well.

Block of the FounderEdit

The strangest event to ever occur on the Wiki was when Barricade123 gave Starscream7 bureaucrat powers during his block. This allowed Starscream7 to unblock himself, and finally, blocked Barricade123. When this happened, IRONUPTHEHIDE returned and was promoted to an administrator.

New EraEdit

In September of 2011, a user named Dynovan joined, promising Starscream7 that if he made him an administrator, he would advertise for the Wiki. Though Starscream7 made the poor choice to do so, Dynovan never kept his promise. On one of his Wikis, him and IRONUPTHEHIDE got in a massive fight, and Dynovan was demoted because of his rude comments.


In October of 2011, Skycommander00 arrived on the Wiki and unknowingly plagiarised some information from Teletraan 1. This was found out by Starscream7, and though she was blocked, Starscream7 decided to unblock her because she said that she had no idea as to what she was doing. However, IRONUPTHEHIDE got in several fights with her, and shortly afterwards Starscream7 decided to organize the Wiki by making her an administrator. She began to edit as well.

In November of 2011, Warpath14 arrived under the encouragement of Starscream7. He edited a lot in a single day yet left because IRONUPTHEHIDE got in a quarrel with him. It came to the point that Starscream7 demoted IRONUPTHEHIDE due to his troubles to the Wiki. Warpath14 was also promoted to administrator.

Wiki RenamingEdit

In order to make the Wiki larger, the staff team decided to change the Wiki from being about Dark of the Moon to being about the entire Transformers film series in late-November of 2011. Shortly after the Wiki was renamed, IRONUPTHEHIDE returned an began to heavily criticize the Wiki. Because of this, under agreement from Starscream7, IRONUPTHEHIDE was blocked by Skycommander00.

Inactivity Edit

The site has been progressing slowly due to the lack of editors and inactivity. Starscream7 had the misfortune of his computer frying, so he can only get on from time to time. Warpath14 is currently working on Teletraan l right now, so this leaves only me. I am trying to get more editors at this time.