The Transformers: Dark of the Moon Junior Novel is the smaller verson of the film's official novel, with most of the film's violence cut out. The Junior Novel was written for smaller children - and is also criticized as lacking important detail.


The story begins with the great war on Cybertron - and Sentinel Prime's ship escaping, yet being shot down, causing it too crashland on the Moon. Meanwhile, NASA detects this as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin land on the Moon and explore the ship's wreckage.Meanwhile, Sam is awoken by Carly, and reminds him that he has to go to his interviews for work. He mentions how he broke up with Mikaela, just as Wheelie and Brains barge in. At the nuclear reacter site of Chernobyl, Optimus, Ratchet and several humans head inside the facility and are attacked by The Driller. As the beast attempts reaching for a strange metallic object - Optimus slices it's tentacle off, causing it too retreat. Optimus recovers the object as well, stating that it was Cybertronian.

On the other hand, Sam goes through his interviews with Bruce Brazos, and they go successfully. Sam than goes to see Carly - and as he greets her, meets Dylan Gould. After a conversation, Sam and Carly leave, but not before their car won't start and Dylan comments that the car isn't looking so good. At the NEST Headquarters in Washington D.C, Optimus is furious because he knew that the humans had lied to him, and that they were keeping secrets from him which they said would be told. Director Charlotte Mearing tells Optimus that the Cybertronian object (a fuel cell) was not revealed to many, and many of the few who did know about it were dead. After meeting Buzz Aldrin, Optimus demands that they go to the Moon to look for the ship that the fuel cell belonged to. Meanwhile, Megatron arrives at his base in Namibia, Africa, and is sourly greeted by Starscream, who he says that he knows what he was told - which was nothing. Afterwards, Soundwave walks over with Laserbeak, and Laserbeak flies off to assassinate the remaining NASA Collaborators serving the Decepticons. On the Moon, Optimus and Ratchet land on the Moon, and find the corpse of Sentinel Prime - and they bring it back to their ship to resurrect him. However, the Dreads tagged along on the ship.

Back at Sam's new job, Sam is confronted by Jerry Wang- who tells him that the Decepticons were going to assassinate them, and that nobody has been up on the Moon for such a long time with good reason. As Jerry leaves, Sam lloks through the envelope, just as Laserbeak assassinates Wang. Sam drives back to his house - taking Carly, Wheelie and Brains to the NEST Base - where guards stop them from coming in until Bumblebee arrives and allows them to go in. Sam encounters Lennox, than Director Mearing, and they all see the resurrection of Sentinel Prime who, at first, attempts battling Optimus - but he calms Sentinel down, relieving him of the fact that these were his allies. Sentinel says that they need to find the Pillars before the Decepticons, since it could mean total-destruction to the human civilization. Not too far away, the Dreads are told by Megatron to go attack the Autobots.

Sam soon decides to call Agent Simmons, who might have an idea of what's going on. Simmons and his assistant, Dutch, as well as Sam head to a social club - where Simmons interrogates several people, but everything goes hectic. Luckily, a man named Dmitri shows them pictures of the Pillars on the Moon - and Sam says that they must protect Sentinel.