Transformers: Dark of the Moon Game is published by Activision June 14, 2011. Like Transformers: War for Cybertron the X-box and Playstation 3 games were developed by High Moon Studios. The Wii and Nintendo DS games were developed by Behavior Interactive. The Nintendo DS game has Autobots and Decepticons just like the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: The Game.
Dotmg ps3

Transformers Dark of the Moon video game on a Playstation 3.


This game takes place before the Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie. After the war with The Fallen, the humans were glad that the Decepticons were gone for good. But the Autobots on the other hand, thought that the Decepticons were still at large. Megatron's plans were to make a launch from th moon and return Megatron's assassin from cryostasis, Shockwave. So the Autobots stop the Decepticons using their stealth modes and their two weapons to keep from finishing their plans, while the Decepticons take down Autobots using stealth as well. (The DS game, Autobots/Decpticons plot was different.)


These characters are playable.


Optimus Prime transforms into a Peterbuilt truck. On the videos, he has a trailer and on Chapter 6 when you are Megatron, Optimus has his armor. You can only play with him one time.
Optimus prime big

Optimus Prime on the game.

Bumblebee transforms to a Camaro. Bumblebee cannot talk. He can only beep.

Ironhide transforms to a GMC Topkick. He has two weapons at first, then Wheeljack gives him a heavy iron weapon so he can defeat Mixmaster's powerful shields.

Mirage transforms to an Alfredo Ferrari and can cloak. At the middle of the mission he gets knocked out by Starscream and loses his guns, so he'll have to use his swords.
Iron hide

Ironhide in the game.


Megatron transforms into a tank, then he scans a form of a truck. He can suck up energy from an enemy.

Starscream transforms into a F-22 Raptor and appears in Chapter 5 where he has to take the Mechtech technology from Stratosphere.

Soundwave transforms into a different type of car than a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. On Chapter 4 you play with him two times because in the middle of the chapter, you have to be

Laserbeak is a Cybertronian bird that appears in the middle of Chapter 4, so he can open the doors and kill the Autobot Drones taking forms and shooting them with his machine gun.

These are the non-playable characters

Wheeljack only communicates and advises the player on what to do in battle.




Air Raid is a minor boss character in Chapter 5.

Silverbolt is the minor boss character in Chapter 5.

Chew on this Starscream!

Stratosphere transforms into a heavily Stealth Force-armed cargo plane. He is the boss character in Chapter 5. His robot form was never shown.

Warpath transforms into a M1 tank. He is the boss character in Chapter 6. He is a playable character in Multiplayer.

Warpath on the warpath.


The driller monster

Optimus Prime fighting Driller in the game.





Multiplayer is when you play online with other people. There are places based on the campaign.

There are four classes of types of Transformers.

  • Scout- Cars. Fast, usually cloakers.
    • Bumblebee Chasis (Autobot)
    • Mirage Chasis (Autobot)
    • Sideswipe Chasis (Autobot, Gamestop pre-order bonus and DLC #1)
    • Enforcer Chasis (Decepticon)
Hunter- Jets. Also fast,specializing at long range
Article-1308850683287-0CB38A5200000578-833402 636x334
  • Air Raid Chasis (Autobot)
  • Silverbolt Chasis (Autobot)
  • Breakaway Chasis (Autobot)
  • Starscream Chasis (Decepticon)
  • Commander- Trucks. Balanced, with emphasis in defense and ally-aid.
    • Optimus Prime Chasis (Autobot)
      TF-Dark-of-the-Moon-MP-Shockwave -Starscream Warpath Mirage-620x348

      Warpath vs Shockwave

    • Ratchet Chasis (Autobot, pre-order bonus, campaign completion bonus)
    • Ironhide Chasis (Autobot)
    • Soundwave Chasis (Decepticon)
    • Megatron Chasis (Decepticon)
  • Warrior- Tanks. Slow and powerful, with strong offensive abilties
    2219TF Dark of the Moon - MP Warpath Bumblebee Shockwave Enforcer
    • Warpath Chasis (Autobot)
    • Megatron Tank (Decepticon)
    • Shockwave (Decepticon, campaign completion bonus)

Also the challenges are:Edit

  • Deathmatch: Kill anyone you see despite if they're Autobot or Decepticon.
  • Team Deathmatch: Kill anyone that is not part of your team.
  • Conquest: Defend and capture power nodes until your team gets 400 points.

    Optimus Prime, Ratchet and Warpath


  • 'The hatchlings look like spiders.
  • 'Instead of a voice actor, Nolan North is Major Reynolds.
  • Warpath is the only Autobot Warrior in the Multiplayer.


What's GreatEdit

  • Awesome multiplayer mode to battle players online with four character classes.
  • Lots of ammo = lots of fun in shooting in combat.
  • Plenty of explosion and shooting.
  • Stealth Force mode rocks the game.

What's NotEdit

  • No survival-style Escalation to make the game more enjoyable
  • Weak level structure and unvaried organized missions in the campaign spell boredom and confusion.
  • Mix-up plot of the game.
  • Same old graphics from the previous Transformers games.
  • Other characters in the singleplayer campaign didn't make a debut in the multiplayer.
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