Voting is closed as of now. This is the page where you can vote for someone who deserves to be a Rollback, Administrator or Bureaucrat. If selected by popular vote, the user(s) selected will be promoted by the Wikia Staff. If you do become a member of one of these groups, you will become a member of our Staff of Primes.

  • =====Be civilized. No rude or impolite comments. =====
  • =====Do not make up new accounts to vote for someone. This will result in disqualification if discovered. =====
  • =====Sign your username with four ~'s like on a talk page. =====
  • =====The person you vote for should be regularly active and have been on the wiki for at least a month. =====
  • =====You are allowed to nominate yourself, but you are not permitted to vote in that occasion. =====
How to NominateEdit
Please post your nominee like this below the "Nominees" section: Edit
  • =====That person's name =====
  • =====Why you think they deserve it. =====
  • =====Your signature. =====
Thanks! Edit

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