Transformers are intelligent, robotic alien lifeforms that originated from the planet Cybertron and created by the sacred cube, the AllSpark. They were peaceful species in their planet, a jewel in the galaxy's crown, but war broke out between the Autobots that fought for freedom, and the Decepticons who dreamt of tyranny and oppression. Transformers; also know as Cybertronians, are bio mechanical, living robots with their own spirits (their spirits are called a spark). Cybertronians can transform into vehicles or electronic devices by scanning them. They transformed by rearranging their exoskeleton to make it take appearence of the vehicle or device.

Headline text Edit

Spark = Human Heart/Spirit

Energon = Human Blood and their favourite drink

Hatchlings = Human Newborns or Children

Protoforms = Young Teen Cybertronian

Protoform Entry = Naked Humans Looking For Clothes

Primus = The Cybertronian God

Primes = Cybertronian "Angels" or Apostles

The Fallen = Lucifer/Judas

Megatron = Lucifer the Angel/Judas

Unicron = The Cybertronian Devil or Satan

Cybertronians can die just like humans can die (Being Stabbed, Bludgeoned, Shot, Old Age, Diseases, and otherwise)

Circuits = Human Nerve Systems

Transformers are also much like reptiles/mammals

They need some kind of heating system to survive

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