Chew on this Starscream!

Stratosphere is a large flying Autobot. He serves as transport and combat support aircraft for any Autobot ground and air forces anywhere on Earth.

Dark of the Moon Video GameEdit

Stratosphere was seen in South America as he airdropped off Bumblebee on a covert mission to plant a virus created by Wheeljack on a Decepticon communications base which may allow the Autobots track and hunt down the remaining Decepticons on Earth.

He was seen again in the Middle East as he carried and protected the MechTech equipment escorted by Aerialbots from Starscream.

However, despite their efforts to prevent Starscream from accomplishing his goal even with their Stealth Force modes, he finally got what he came for and blew out Stratosphere and other flying Autobots in the skies.

Stratosphere's vehicular mode is a C-14 cargo transport/combat plane.

Stratosphere and the Aerialbots dogfighting Starscream


  • Stratosphere's vehicle mode is a C-14 cargo plane.
  • The cargo plane carrying Optimus Prime and his Autobot troops in the Revenge of The Fallen film would have been Stratosphere if not for Michael Bay.
  • Stratosphere hadn't shown his robot form in the Dark of the Moon video game.