Starscream is a Decepticon from Dark of The Moon.
Affiliation: Decepticons
Function: Transformers
Alternate Mode: Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor.
Weapons: Rockets, Vulcan cannon, buzz saw.
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Starscream is Megatron's scheming second in command, he is a very traitorous fellow and would do anything to overthrow the Decepticon leader and assume the position, similar to his G1 counterpart.

Oh, my poor master, how it pains me to see you so wounded, so weak...

—Starscream groves to Megatron in Africa.

Movie PlotEdit

Voice actor: Charlie Adler (English)
Starscream meets with Megatron, Soundwave and Laserbeak in Africa and compliments Megatron on his on-going recovery from his injuries from his last battle with Optimus Prime.
Megatron e starscream

At the National Mall, Starscream is surprised to learn of Megatron's plan with Sentinel Prime and Megatron explains how he and Sentinel made a deal and were supposed to meet up on Earth before they were both waylaid. Megatron and Starscream watch as a Decepticon invasion force arrives through the space bridge.


When the Autobots are forced to leave Earth, Starscream watches the launch of the Xantium from the upper atmosphere. He transforms and swoops down to the planet, firing missiles at the shuttle and seemingly destroys it with the Autobots inside. He and the audience assume that he has killed the Autobots.

During the battle in Chicago, Starscream transforms from his F-22 mode and destroys many of NEST V-22 Ospreys, killing a few of the invading NEST strike team. He later attacks Sam Witwicky and Carly Spencer, glad to have the chance to kill Sam. Sam shoots a grappling hook into his right optic, causing Starsream to flail around, dragging Sam with him. Starscream attempted to remove the hook by banging his own head on the ground and trying to fly on top of a building. NEST proceed to attack Starscream, distracting him and allowing Sam to jump onto his shoulders and jam a boom stick into his other optic, rendering Starscream totally blind. Starscream, in a panic, flies around aimlessly, dragging Sam and Lennox with him. Eventually, Lennox cuts Sam free and the boomstick detonates, blasting Starcream's head and chest in many pieces and killing him, as he bleeds with energon.
Starscream death


Starscream tf32

I don't dang care if Megs is still alive! I'm keeping my tattoos, and forevermore, I will be known as Samuraiscream!

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Revenge of the Fallen Video Game Edit

Starscream travels to Deep Six to destroy anti-air turrets and any interferance with the Decepticons plans to revive Megatron. Later on, you play as Starscream at the Air and Space Muesum. You are tasked with destroying the muesum to cause it to collapse on Sam Witwicky and the elderly Jetfire to kill them. After you destroy it, you realize Jetfire and the boy escaped just as the muesum collapsed by using a space bridge.

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