Soundwave is a Decepticon from the Transformers Movieverse.

Affiliation: Decepticons
Alternate Mode: Mercedes Benz SLS AMG
Weapons: Sonic Cannon
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Soundwave is one of the main antagonists of the Transformers Movieverse. He is also Megatron's communications expert.
I understand. No Prisoners, only Trophies.

—Soundwave to Dylan Gould

Movie PlotEdit


The lethal zoo keeper, with his pet robo-hawk.

Soundwave first appears in the Dark of the Moon film when he is at Megatron's hideout in Namibia, Africa, along with Laserbeak, who reports the Autobots' finding of the Ark, as well took a new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG for his new alternate mode.

It is later revealed that he was always Carly Spencer's car, and he traps her, as Dylan Gould demands for Sam Witwicky to follow his orders.

Soundwave later participates in the final battle in Chicago, where his most notable role is when he, Barricade, and several Decepticon Protoforms capture the Autobots Bumblebee, Que, Ratchet, Sideswipe, and Dino.

Dylan pursues Soundwave's acts of violence, and says that the Autobots that they've taken as prisoners need to be executed. Soundwave agrees, and Barricade sees the plan, taking Que away from the other Autobots, where Barricade and a Decepticon Protoform execute him. {C

He's right behind me, isn't he?

{C After the demise of Que, Soundwave takes Bumblebee as Decepticons' next victim, and is about to kill him in front of Sam and Carly when a massive Decepticon Warship, piloted by Wheelie and Brains, flies over them, and begins crashing while releasing several Decepticon ships that shower down on the Autobots and Decepticons. Bumblebee gets the upper hand in the ensuing chaos, and begins battling Soundwave, who isn't willing to allow Bumblebee to escape alive, since he was suppose to kill upon the order of Dylan Gould.Soundwave, however, couldn't get a good aim at Bumblebee, and was shot in the leg after throwing him down. The impact to his leg weakened him, but not enough to stop him, as he lunged toward an armed Bumblebee, who uppercut his cannon into Soundwave's chest, and blasted his head off his shoulders, killing him.


Soundwave killed by Bumble bee

Game Plot Edit


Soundwave arrives at Earth with Laserbeak to infiltrate an island controlled N.E.S.T, but was once a Sector Seven base. Soundwave destroys the base by setting off a volcano, and also destroy Wheeljack's lab.

Junior NovelEdit

Soundwave also appears in the Dark of the Moon Junior Novel.

In the Junior Novel, Soundwave makes his debut in Namibia when Megatron tells Starscream that Soundwave had been watching over Earth while he was dormant after having crashlanded on the planet. Coincidently, Soundwave walks over and tells Megatron that the Autobots had found the Ark. Laserbeak brought in more detail to the situation as well.

Later, when Sam wants to "talk" with Carly while she's at Dylan Gould's party, Dylan tells the two that he thought he could help them out, but they fled when Sam grew heavily suspicious of how he was acting. As they headed toward Carly's Mercedes, Laserbeak appeared and the Mercedes suddenly transformed into Soundwave, who held Carly hostage. Dylan recieved a chance to immobolize Sam and allow the Watch-Bot to crawl onto his arm and cling to it. Dylan. After giving Sam orders, Dylan had Soundwave release Carly as he released Sam as well.

Soundwave later participated in the battle in Chicago, where he battled Bumblebee viciously. Soundwave quickly took Bumblebee prisoner when flanks of Decepticon troops arrived to produce backup. However, Wheelie and Brains sabotaged a massive Decepticon battlecruiser. As it hovered over the Transformers, including Soundwave, Wheelie released the smaller Decepticon ships from within. The ships came crashing down on the Decepticons, crushing several as well. This gave Bumblebee the chance to raise his cannon at Soundwave's head and blast it apart.

Death SceneEdit

At that particular moment, Soundwave was enjoying his moment of triumph over Bumblebee. But it was short-lived. Suddenly, the attack ships nested in the Battle Cruiser's hull began to fall to the ground. Many of the ships fell right on top of the Decepticon warriors.

Using the chaos as cover, Bumblebee rose to his feet and aimed his cannon. Soundwave would never trouble the Autobots again.

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