Silverbolt is an Autobot Aerialbot who was originally intended to be in the Transformers: Dark of the Moon film, and be voiced by James Avery, though this never came to fruition thanks to Michael Bay.

It had been overall rumored that he would've been a Cybertronian jet, and an ancient yet loyal friend to Optimus Prime.

At a later point, he joins the Autobots along with Warpath to take down the remaining Decepticons. At the end of DOTM, he's one of the remaining Autobots that survived.

Aerialbots are ready to get out of a plane.Suicide bombers or dog fighters.

Dark of the Moon Video GameEdit

Silverbolt was with Air Raid and Breakaway in their desperate attempt of holding off Starscream off from Stratosphere.

He does, however, appear in the film's video game but is killed by Starscream.


  • Silverbolt's vehicle mode is a F-16 Fighting Falcon.
  • He was supposed to appear in the Dark of the Moon film but was ignored thanks to Michael Bay who forgot about those who only appeared in movie games.
  • The Film Version of Silverbolt is still alive.
  • Since Video Games don't count, he's really not dead.
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