Shockwave is a massive Decepticon in the Dark of the Moon film, and is mostly seen alongside his "pet", the Driller.

Film Plot


Shockwave and his Driller had ambushed NEST and the Autobots at Chernobyl while they were responding to a tip-off by a former USSR agent. The Driller attempts to steal the Ark's fuel cell that was being held there. After the Autobots retrieve the Ark's fuel cell, Shockwave glares at Optimus Prime, says Optimus' name in anger, and then returns to the Driller's cockpit and retreats along with it.

Main shockwave driller


When NEST and the Autobots break in to Chicago, Shockwave immediately begins hunting the Autobots, separating Optimus from his trailer. The Wreckers attack him with their mounted guns, but it does little more than annoy Shockwave as he uses a car as a shield to avoid being hit by the Wrecker's gunfire.

He immediately calls the Driller to take down the building where Epps and his troops were hiding after a desk along with a man falls out of a windows of the building and a tea cup breaks on Shockwave's head. The Driller nearly succeeds in destroying the tower, but Optimus flies in and crushes its main tentacle and decapitates the Driller. Prime's jetpack becomes tangled in some wires after Shockwave blasts him in revenge. Shockwave and his forces then temporarily retreat after the Autobots who was taked in hostage killed Soundwave and escapes. He then watches Barricade furiously blaming some Protoform soldiers. Them all is catched and killed in a trap by the NEST forces while the cyclops Decepticon is temporarily distracted by a parachute falled on his head and finally shotted in the eye by the soldiers and the Wreckers making him blind.


driller attack!


After Shockwave hit Optimus with his cannon, Optimus was stuck and he tried to free himself but he needed the Wreckers' help. After this Optimus proceeds in a rampage to attack Shockwave and kill him by punching hardly his chest and ripping out the Decepticon's eye and throat. Optimus then uses Shockwave's weapon to shoot down the space bridge pillar in a nearby tower, nearly hitting Sentinel Prime in the process.

Junior NovelEdit

Shockwave also appears in the Junior Novel of the film, and first appears at Chernobyl along with the Driller. After seeing Optimus Prime, he retreats. Shockwave later returns in the battle in Chicago, along with the Driller yet again. The Driller is killed by Optimus, which frustrates Shockwave, and causes him to go into wanting revenge on Optimus. He attacks him - yet is pinned down to the ground by him, and is killed. yaya