Sentinel Prime is an Autobot and later a Deception . Later a tericon , in the Transformers Movieverse.
Sentinel Prime
Affiliation: Autobot

Optimus Prime (formerly), Megatron

Function: Former Transformers's teacher, Optimus Prime's former teacher and mentor, former Autobot Leader, Inventor, creator of the Space Bridge, Autobot Traitor, Decepticon leader
Alternate Mode: Fire truck
Weapons: Primax blade, shield, Cosmic rust blaster.
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Sentinel Prime was the former leader of the Autobots, and was a staunch ally with Optimus Prime and Megatron back on Cybertron.And with creators but he messed it all up when he crashed into the moon

How doomed you are, Autobots. You simply fail to understand, that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

—Sentinel Prime to the Autobots


Movie PlotEdit

Revenge of the FallenEdit

Sentinel Prime was curtly mentioned by Sam Witwicky when he went beserk in one of his first college classes. In full detail, Sam stated that if you break down the elemental components of Energon, you can assume a constant decay rate and extrapolate for each of the fourteen galactic convergences it took for one of Sentinel's ancient missions for him to recieve an echo on its signal.

Dark of the MoonEdit

Sentinel Prime was the leader of the Autobots on Cybertron, and secretly had made a deal with Megatron to save Cybertron And he and the fallen and megatron sent his former autobots jetfire and wheelie to rust a museum and brainwashing them after they were sent find bumblebee's body and the rest of the autbots escaping on the The Ark, the ship is shot down by several Orbital Assault Carriers. Not long afterwards, the ship crashes on the Moon in 1961, to which President John F. Kennedy demands a spaceship be sent to the Moon to investigate it. Over time, however, Decepticons on the Moon raided the ship, stealing the space bridge Pillars from inside yet leaving the Control Pillar behind, along with 4 other pillars.And he was still alive and his eyes were active because the dark energon megatron ejected into sentinel when sentinel joined megatron when he volunteered for the dark energon rebirth program.

Sentinel protoform

Dead? Hmm ... not quite.

Upon the discovery of a piece of the Ark at Chernobyl, Optimus Prime and Ratchet head to the Moon on the Xantium. After finding Sentinel and the Pillars, Optimus and Ratchet bring them back to Earth, where Sentinel is revived with the Matrix of Leadership. Sentinel attacks whom shows purple eyes to optimus that Optimus can't see because he mastered how to shield them thanks to megatron prior to war for cybertron the video game and Optimus, who calms him down and tells him that the Autobots are his allies. Sentinel asks where the Pillars are, to which Optimus tells him that the human race is their ally and that he saved five Pillars. Yet Sentinel once had hundreds. Charlotte Mearing than interrupts the conversation, asking what they're talking about, and Sentinel explains that they need the Pillars before the Decepticons get them, for it could mean the end of their world.

Later, Optimus attempts giving Sentinel back the Matrix of Leadership, asking him to be their leader again ... to which Sentinel rejects it, saying that Optimus is his teacher now.

After Sam Witwicky learns that the Decepticons are searching for Sentinel, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Dino, and Sentinel himself speed down a highway while being attacked by the Dreads; Crankcase, Crowbar, and Hatchet. The Autobots go through a ferocious battle while Dino kills Hatchet and Ironhide kills Crankcase and Crowbar with help from Sideswipe.

Sentinel later arrives at the NEST base in Washington D.C, and he shows his true colors when he says that for the sake of their planet's survival, a deal had to be made with Megatron and take the Decepticon side, before shooting Ironhide three times with his Acid Rust Blaster, killing him while showing him his true nature and shows the dark energon within him. He than destroys the NEST base and rides off with the Pillars.And now reveals his true colors and revealed the dark energon.

At the National Mall, nemesis rendavoues with Megatron, activating the Space Bridge with the Pillars, to which Optimus pleads him to stop. After telling Optimus to forgive him, while tapping into his dark energon powers to the pillars and corrupting them and then Sentinel activates the bridge - to which Decepticons rush out and start destroying the city as him and Optimus briefly fight.
Optimus Sentinel National Mall

Optimus confronting Sentinel after he activated the space bridge

sentinel says that he betrayed the Autobots because it was the only way to bring back Cybertron. He also tells Optimus that he's forgotten his place, and walks away after telling him that he was lucky that he didn't kill him. While showing his eyes are no longer blue and their now purple.

In the fight in Chicago, nemesis meets up with Megatron on the detailed rooftop of the Hotchkiss Gould Building. There, they are placing the Pillars that Soundwave transported there in their needed positions. Dylan Gould explains to Carly Spencer (who are witnessing this occur) that Sentinel and Megatron made a secret deal to revive Cybertron together without anyone else knowing. It soon occurs that Megatron becomes prouder that they are going to rebuild their homeworld together. Yet Sentinel grows furious, telling Megatron that he will work with him but not for him.

Sentinel and Megatron

Sentinel and Megatron

nemesis stays out of the battle of Chicago, and waits on the roof of the building throughout the battle, until Optimus successfully flies through a horde of Decepticons (killing every one of them) before killing Shockwave and using his arm cannon to blast the Control Pillar down from the roof. Sentinel than angrily confronts Optimus by sliding down the side of the building with his blade digging into it. He and Optimus than battle each other, and
Sentinel DOTM 1

Sentinel ordering Decepticon ships to fire at Optimus

the arrival of the other Autobots forces him to call forth the Decepticon Ships to open fire on Optimus. However, even this does not stop the Autobots and Humans from fighting him endlessly, and it comes to the point where one of Epps's mercenary allies shoots him in the chest with a rocket, causing him to transform and retreat with Optimus raging behind him?


After a prolonged fight, Sentinel got the upper hand and severed one of Optimus's arms, proving that Sentinel was the most powerful of the two.while showing his purple eyes to him and showing that he is fully consumed by his greed and his hatred

Before Sentinel could deliver the killing blow, however, he came under attack by Megatron, who had been goaded back into action by Sam's girlfriend Carly Spencer. Megatron realized how far he had fallen in power within the past few years, and had decided to once again take his rightful place at the top of the command chain. Sentinel was taken by surprise and amassed critical damage. At the same time, Ratchet and Bumblebee destroyed the reactivated control pillar, thus destroying the space bridge and apparently Cybertron with it. Though Megatron's attack on Sentinel saved Optimus's life, the Autobot leader refused Megatron's deceptive offer of a truce (knowing his true intentions) and killed his eternal foe, leaving Optimus and Sentinel alone once more. Finally, the crippled and mutilated Sentinel abandoned his pride; he pleaded with Optimus for mercy, claiming all he ever wanted was the survival of their race. Optimus countered that Sentinel hadn't betrayed the Autobots, but rather himself, and as his treacherous dark energon decpticon mentor howled at the ruination of his plans, Optimus unceremoniously executed Sentinel Prime with Megatron's fusion shotgun. The deed done, Optimus threw down the weapon in disgust and sadness.

Victims Edit

. Ironhide

. Mudflap

Optimus finally manages to bring Sentinel to a halt at a bridge, where the two battle. Sentinel tells Optimus that he may have been the bravest of their kind, but he could never make the hard decisions. Sentinel than assures him that their planet would survive before tearing his right arm off and injuring his left shoulder. He tells Optimus that they were all gods once, to which Optimus pleads for mercy but Sentinel denies it.
Sentinel Battle 1

Sentinel preparing for his battle with Optimus

Sentinel than confirms that there would only be one god, Sentinel proceeds to lift his staff to sever Optimus's head. Yet before he could manage to do so, Megatron intervenes (he was previously told by Carly that he would be under Sentinel's command at this point). He punches off his helmet and ripped out the stomach before letting the Prime fall to the ground. Megatron sues for peace, asking him "Who would you be without me, Prime?", to which Optimus responds "Time to find out", and with his remaining arm, tears Megatron's head and spine off with his battle axe. Sentinel then assures Optimus that he betrayed the Autobots to destroy cybertron with earth . Optimus disagrees, saying that he has only betrayed himself before taking Megatron's fusion gun and shooting Sentinel twice, once in the torso and the coup de grace in his head, even as he pleads for mercy himself, yet the point-blank range shots instantly killed him And an enraged bumblebee gave him a head wound and destroys his body and sends the ashes to the river and ripped his spark out from his chest in anger and grief.
Sentinel 2

A fallen Sentinel Prime

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