Epps and the other soldiers in Captain Lennox's US Army Ranger squad were returning to SOCCENT Forward Operations Base after some hard duty. When Lennox beheld the fact that he wanted to head back home to see his new child more than anything else immediately, Epps and the others in the plane at the time began to tease their commander. By nighttime, an anonymous MH-53 helicopter made an unexpected arrival at the base and was quickly surrounded by dozens of soldiers. Yet this did little good as the helicopter transformed into the Decepticon Blackout. Blackout began to destroy the base soon afterwards, while Epps fled and gave out orders to various combatants to ready their combat battle stations. As he ran Blackout nearly stepped on Epps and would've surely crushed him - but this never came to reality in happening. Epps managed to take a picture of Blackout using his digital recorder. Yet this seemingly angered Blackout even more, and just before it appeared that he was ready to kill the human a soldier named Figueroa leapt into the action and fired a sabot round at the robot. This allowed Epps to flee from the base with Lennox and several other team members. Lennox's friend Mahfouz also tagged along, though they were the only survivors of the base attack.

The next morning, the survivors discussed the previous night's events, with Epps sharing with them the images he captured, as well as theorizing that the weapons platform was generating some sort of unknown force field. Sergeant Patrick Donnelly expressed negative disbelief at this theory. Epps then told everyone how he had an unnerving feeling that as he was recording the "thing", it stared right back at him, causing an ominous silence to settle among the group as they contemplated in their minds over this event. Later that day, as they made their way to Mahfouz's village, Epps spotted a giant metal spike coming out of the sand aimed at Lennox's back and began firing wildly into the sand, causing everyone to jump around and panic, not knowing what the thing was. It was for only five brief seconds that the object was gone, and it returned attached to a metallic body. The spike impaled and killed Sergeant Donnelly, whilst revealing the "thing" to be a giant robotic scorpion, Scorponok. The rest of the men ran for their lives to the cover of the Mahfouz's village. Lennox managed to borrow a cell phone from Akram, Mahfouz's father, and asked for Epps's wallet for a credit card to make the call - which, in the end, would do not good in helping the crew at all. In between firing rounds from his rifle at Scorponok, Epps barked at him that it was in his back pocket, prompting a desperate Lennox to protest that he had ten back pockets. Epps loudly clarified it was his left-cheek back pocket where the card was located.

When contact when the Pentagon was confirmed to be established, Epps coordinated with the E-3 Sentry AWACS plane to give orders for the incoming A-10 Thunderbolt IIs of Strike Package Bravo, indicating the target area killbox one-alpha with orange flares and laser guidance markers. As the A-10s arrived to provide air support to Lennox and the others, he gave them clearance to fire by shouting, "Bring it!" When the A-10s' weapons failed to so much as dent Scorponok, Epps called upon the biggest barrels the Air Force had: the 105 millimeter cannons of an AC-130 Spectre gunship. This was signaled with a shout of "Bring the rain!" The resulting fusillade pounded Scorponok into the sand with both extreme and deadly force. As the dust settled, the scorpion got up and dove underground, but not before leaving part of its damaged tail behind, which Epps and the others took away to examine.

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