Orbital Assault Carriers
are ships flown by Decepticons (mostly Protoforms) in various Dark of the Moon stories/media.

Dark of the Moon FilmEdit

The Orbital Assault Carriers first appeared in the Dark of the Moon film, where they were all positioned on the Moon until the activitation of the Space Bridge sent energy coursing through them, causing them to rise out of the Moon's crust and head through the Space Bridge and into Washington D.C, where they wrecked havoc.

The Orbital Assault Carriers were later seen coursing around Chicago, demolishing buildings, humans, and various objects - in fact, anything they could find. The ships were tasked with attacking the largest buildings - such as the Willis Tower. The ships provided a turning point in the war to the Decepticons, giving them the opportunity to take over Earth as the Autobots were exiled.

However - the Autobots returned to Earth, while an Orbital Assault Carrier attacked Sam, Epps, and his mercenary friends, as well as many fleeing civillians (several of whom were blasted apart). Just before the ship could kill Sam and the others - Optimus Prime shot it down, and the Wreckers - Leadfoot, Topspin, and Roadbuster tore apart the disoriented Protoform pilot. When the other Autobots arrived, Bumblebee and Sam managed to successfully fly off in the battered ship (which the Wreckers had quickly repaired).

The two manage to find Carly - who is in a building secured by Dylan Gould. Sam is about to shoot Dylan when Laserbeak transforms, grabbing him and tossing him off the ledge of the building - where he lands on the Orbital Assault Carrier, which rises up. Carly jumps on-board as it opens fire on the humans in the building. A small, spy-ship sent by the people at the NEST base flies over - which is thrusted by Laserbeak into one of the ship's two engines. The ship hurtles to the ground, as Sam positions Laserbeak's head in a position in front of one of the ship's guns so that it is blasted off his shoulders. The ship than crashes on the streets below, but not before Sam jumps off to safety. Bumblebee and Carly than emerge from it, and abandon it as well.

Another Orbital Assault Carrier was later seen near the Hudson Tower, where a Protoform emerged and crashed into the building where Sam, Carly, Epps, and the mercenaries were. Luckily, the humans managed to escape.

The remaining Orbital Assault Carriers were destroyed when they were sucked up in the collapsing Space Bridge, which sent them to the collapsing Cybertron. Due to that, they were most like scrambled-up in the debris of the ancient planet and crushed, with no chance of being intact. None of the ships remained intact by the end of the war.

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