Transformers - Arrival to Earth (Remix)

Transformers - Arrival to Earth (Remix)

Optimus Prime is an Autobot leader in the Movie franchise.

Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots and the last remaining Prime. He is the successor of Sentinel Prime after his former teacher's disappearance.

You may lose your faith in us, but never in yourselves. From here, the fight will be your own.

—Optimus Prime to Sam Witwicky, the Dark of the Moon Film

Movie PlotEdit

Optimus Prime
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Portrayed by: Peter Cullen
First Appearance: Transformers (film)
Appearances: Transformers (film)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Last Appearance: Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Species: Transformers
Affiliations: Autobots
Status: Alive

Optimus Prime first appeared at the abandoned city of Chernobyl, in which he and Lieutenant Colonel William Lennox's NEST team encountered Shockwave and his pet Driller. As the Driller attacked the soldiers from inside the facility, Optimus waited until it came out and attacked it, severing one of its tentacles that was holding a strange object. Suddenly, Shockwave rose from a cockpit mounted on the creature's back and utters Prime's name. Though Optimus was ready for battle, Shockwave and the Driller retreated. While there, Optimus recovered the piece of what he confirmed as being part of their long-lost Autobot ship, the Ark.

Back at the NEST headquarters in Washington DC, Optimus refused to transform out of his vehicle mode due to his sour mood. Finally, he did so after Ironhide tells him that he make something of himself. Furious, Optimus slammed his fists down on the floor, throwing all of his anger out at Director Charlotte Mearing, saying that she has lied about letting them know everything they knew - and now, it had lead to the object. Upon the arrival of several of NASA's administrators, including Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Optimus managed to put the pieces together what Mearing was saying. Aldrin told him that Apollo 11's crew had discovered the crash-landed Ark on Earth's Moon, and they said that the Russians somehow retrieved the object (which was one of the Ark's fuel cells) and scientists tried to harness its energy at Chernobyl, but failed. Optimus soon got to the point that he remembered how Sentinel Prime, the original Autobot leader, was on the ship that crashed. Optimus decided to head on the Xantium to the Moon alongside Ratchet.

Optimus prime-1
At the Moon itself, Optimus and Ratchet found the ship, as well as Sentinel's corpse and five Pillars (including the Control Pillar, which they were successful on bringing back to Earth. There, using the Matrix of Leadership, Optimus revived Sentinel, and drove to a mountain area with him. Sentinel quoted that Earth is how Cybertron was before the war. Optimus told him that it should've been him who was on the ship, and offered Sentinel the Matrix of Leadership, saying that he should lead them again. Yet Sentinel denied it, saying that Optimus was now a true leader. Meanwhile, Sam Witwicky discovered that the Decepticons were planning for the Autobots to revive Sentinel Prime so that they could force him to activate the Space Bridge.

As Sentinel seemingly speeds ahead of Optimus, the Autobots protect him on a highway while battling the Decepticon infilltration team called the Dreads, killing all three of them soon after. However, upon arriving at NEST headquarters to hide Sentinel - Sentinel betrays the Autobots by killing Ironhide, destroys the headquarters and escapes with the Pillars. Optimus arrives in horror of the destruction. Later, Optimus finds Sentinel in front of the National Mall and battles him after he activates the Pillars and releases hundreds of Decepticons and ships to Earth.

Optimus prime-4
Optimus is among the Autobots exiled from Earth, and are taken away on the Xantium - yet manage to escape just as Starscream destroys the ship, and Optimus later shoots down a Decepticon fighter seconds before it could shoot Sam and Epps. The Autobots are now united as they head into Chicago. As they arrive into the city, Shockwave and his pet Driller appeared again, detach Optimus from his trailer. Optimus later retrieves it and uses it as a jetpack, which he uses to battle and kill the Driller by severing its "head" - yet is blasted by Shockwave and trapped into a crane's wires before being freed by the Autobot Wreckers Topspin, Roadbuster and Leadfoot. Later, he flies in a rage and slaughter the Decepticons before move on and kills Shockwave by ripping out his single eye. Optimus then partially deactivates the Control Pillar.
Optimus prime-23
 Optimus then battles Sentinel, whom, after a long battle, tears off his right arm and injures his left shoulder. Moments before Sentinel could kill him - Megatron viciously attacks him, having found out that Sentinel would soon have all the power. After severely wounding him, Megatron asks Optimus for a truce - yet only if he could remain in charge, and asks him who he would be without him. Optimus denies the truce, seeing that Megatron wasn't exactly going to give in so easily - and, even with one arm, jams his axe into Megatron's head and tears both his head and spine out, finally killing his enemy. Optimus is then about to kill Sentinel Prime with Megatron's shotgun. Setinal pleads for mercy to Optimus, saying that he betrayed him because he wanted to save their race. However, Optimus still executed him, saying that Sentinel didn't betray Optimus but himself.

Optimus than says that Earth will have to be their new home, due to the destruction of Cybertron.And soon later he dubed Bumblebee a prime and one of the new leaders of the autbots and found a new form for his new form as a prime.

Trivia Edit

  • Optimus seems to have a fetish of going for the head when killing a character.
    1. In the first film, Bonecrusher's head is severed by Prime's Energon Blade.
    2. In the second film, Optimus's fetish starts to go into effect. He kills Demolisher by shooting him in the head, and later he tears apart Grindor's face just before he saw Megatron kill Hot Rod. After his resurrection in Egypt, Optimus battles The Fallen, yells "GIVE ME YOUR FACE!!" and rips his face off before crushing his Spark entirely (NOTE: In the Revenge of the Fallen Adaptation, Scalpel is shown to have been blasted apart as well. This was not shown in the film).
    3. In the third film, Optimus's fetish goes to the extreme. During the battle in Chicago, he uses his jetpack gear to crash through the Driller's neck to sever its head. As the battle ensues, Optimus massacres a horde of Decepticons and Protoforms alike, some of which were surely shot/stabbed in the face. As his rage begins to conclude, Optimus battles Shockwave and tears his single eye out. At the climax of the film, Optimus severs Megatron's head after he asks for a truce. Right afterwards, using the Decepticon leader's shotgun, Optimus shoots Sentinel Prime in the head.
    4. In the fourth film, During the final fight between Lockdown he slits his head.
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