Megatron is a Decepticon in the Transformers movie franchise.
Portrayed by: Hugo Weaving
First Appearance: Transformers (film)
Appearances: Transformers (film)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Last Appearance: Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Species: Transformers
Affiliations: Decepticon
Status: Deceased

Megatron is the leader of the Decepticons and is Optimus Prime's main enemy.

Movie Plot

A severely weakened Megatron first appears in the Dark of the Moon film in Namibia, Africa, where he is seen transforming and scaring away a herd of grazing animals. Upon arrival, he removes his hood, where the extensive damage inflicted by Optimus in their previous battle is still visisble, and begins feeding Igor, a hunchback, loyal Decepticon who'll follow Megatron anywhere and the Decepticon Hatchlings while they were in oil drums. Not long afterwardsStarscream arrives, and he annoys Megatron until Laserbeak arrives and kills a vulture out of random, then quickly perched upon the right arm of the Chief of Communications, Soundwave. Megatron asks Laserbeak if there's any information he's recovered, and he learned that the Autobots had found the former Autobot leader, Sentinel Prime and the Space Bridge's Pillars. Upon this, he told Laserbeak to "eliminate loose ends".


Megatron about to blast Abraham Lincoln's head.

After Sentinel betrayed the Autobots (In the process killed Lennox's soldiers and the weapons expert Ironhide) and claimed the Pillars, he met up with Megatron, Starscream, and Igor at the National Mall. There, Megatron destroyed Abraham Lincoln's statue (which he used as a "throne") and he told Starscream his plan of how they were going to rebuild Cybertron. Megatron then witnessed Decepticons come shooting out of the Space Bridge, causing destruction in Washington D.C (A Long Haul shaped Decepticon took the form of a garbage truck and a Protoform took the form of a police car).

Sentinel and Megatron

Megatron conversing with Sentinel Prime.

After the events at the National Mall, Megatron headed to Chicago, where he aided Sentinel Prime in setting up the Pillars to make the Space Bridge function properly. There, the Decepticon forces were wreaking havoc upon Chicago, killing the people and destroying buildings to establish their authority among the humans. There, Megatron was extremely enthusiastic about recreating Cybertron, but Sentinel ferociously disagreed, saying that he would work with him and not for him, in the process digging his fingers in Megatron open skull still being repair by the Scalpel shaped Decepticons.
Megatron was greatly absent throughout the battle in Chicago, and didn't seem to notice the deaths of Decepticons such as Starscream, Laserbeak, Soundwave, Shockwave, and the Driller (due to the fact that he was still severely weakened from his previous battle with Optimus Prime). He was later seen sitting up against a building in an alleyway, until Carly Spencer appeared, to which she pointed out that Sentinel would soon rule over him, becoming his "bitch". Megatron was furious enough to almost slaughter Carly - but realized that she was actually correct. He then set off to find him.

Just before Optimus would be killed by Sentinel - a furious Megatron intervened, blasting Sentinel three times with his Fusion Shotgun before kicking off his helmet and tearing out a chunk of Sentinel's stomach with nothing more than his bare hands (it even seem he ripped out his "entrails "), while declaring Earth was his planet to rule. After seeing Cybertron get destroyed once and for all by being sucked in itself, Megatron asked Optimus for a truce, and asked to be back in charge. He also asked Optimus who he

Megatron Death

Megatron's head, with Optimus Prime's axe lodged between it. Notice that his headless body is in the background.

would be without him - to which Optimus responds by saying "Time to find out." Breaking out his mouthplate and picking up his Energon Axe with his only arm, Optimus runs toward Megatron just as he charges up his shotgun - yet stabs him in the chest, with Energon (the Cybertronian equivalent of blood) spilling everywhere. In
DOTM Ending

The aftermath of the Chicago battle.

desperation, Megatron lunges for his shotgun - yet Optimus sunk his axe into Megatron's head, deep enough so that he could slowly rip it out along with his spine, and he dropped it on the ground with the axe still between his head.

Afterwards, Optimus used Megatron's shotgun to end Sentinel's life, extunguishing his spark, which ended the War between the Cybertronian war between the righteous Autobots and the blood seeking Decepticons. Optimus then dropped Megatron's shotgun. The war is won by the Autobots, even though they were outnumbered and outgunned.

The Game

In the Dark of the Moon Video Game, Megatron is a playable character. He can spawn Hatchlings. But the hatchlings aren't infant Cybertronians, but instead they are a arachnid shaped Decepticons who attack Autobots at will and will do his work for him.

Game Plot


This looks familiar...

Near the end of the game, Megatron is playable. At that part Megatron's secret Decepticon Base is found because in the previous mission, Starscream had brought a homing device with him on accident. Megatron then destroys the device. He then hears footsteps and talking. He orders the Decepticons to take position and defend the base. Autobots start coming inside the base. You must then kill them and escape the base. To escape the base you must go through multiple fan tunnels, spawn many hatchlings to do your bidding, and kill the Autobots. When going through the tunnels, you come across a truck which is Megatron's alternate form in TF3. Megatron then scans the truck and takes its form. Now you can drive through out the area. Now Megatron must unfreeze Shockwave who is still frozen in ice. To do this you must shut/break all the cryonogical chambers. After doing this, you come across Optimus who is here to kill Shockwave before he awakens. Optimus is in jet-pack form so it's hard to kill him. Not that hard. All you need to do is break a cryonogical pipe or chamber then the cryonogical air comes out and freezes Optimus, which gives you a chance to beat him down. After defeating Optimus you then escape while Optimus is temporarily knocked-out. Finally, after you beat Optimus and beat Shockwave, Shockwave escapes from the base with Driller and goes to meet Megatron in their new base in Africa. Megatron says "We will now began to launch operation......P.I.L.L.A.R.!" Shockwave says "Yes my master" then the game just ends.Caregory:Killed by Sam Witwicky
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