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Transformers Movieverse Wiki is about all things pertaining to the three live action films. This includes Transformers The Movie, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, and Transformers Dark of the Moon. The wiki also contains info about any Movie Adaptions, comics, novels, or toys.

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"Today, in the name of Freedom, we bring the battle to them! --Optimus Prime

Featured Article: Megatron

Megatron DOTM

Megatron is the secondary atagonist of the Dark of the Moon franchise. He was the leader of the Decepticons who had made a deal with Sentinel Prime to rebuild Cybertron together. However, Megatron is now a lazy, rusted Decepticon who is no longer used to battle. He simply sits around, letting others do the hard work while he does anything minor that he can find. However, he managed to save Optimus Prime's life just before Sentinel could execute him. Megatron asked for a truce, yet all he wanted was to be back in charge. His tyranny had taken him over yet again, and Optimus realized this. The powerful Prime thrusted out his Energon Axe and ripped Megatron's head off his shoulders, his spine still attached to it, marking his ultimate death.

Featured Video: Iridescent

Iridescent is the main theme of the Dark of the Moon Film, by Linkin Park. 500px

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