Lockdown is a bounty hunter. He originally appeared in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen tie-in and toyline. He is also the main antagonist of Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Age of ExtinctionEdit

Tasked by the mysterious Creators with the capture and return of Optimus Prime, Lockdown traveled to Earth and joined forces with the human organization Cemetery Wind, who were in the process of hunting and killing any surviving Cybertronians who had survived the battle of Chicago. In exchange for the safe apprehension of Prime, he promised Harold Attinger a Seed, a device that could cyberform a massive area of land. Several years after the Battle of Chicago, Lockdown and Cemetery Wind located Optimus Prime in Mexico City and attacked; though Lockdown was able to grievously wound Prime, the human operatives failed to contain Prime, and he escaped and went into hiding.

Continuing to work with Cemetery Wind, Lockdown aided in the pursuit of Ratchet, lurking in nearby waters and disabling the Autobot medic from afar with his head-cannon after the humans had crippled him. When Ratchet refused to divulge Optimus's location, Lockdown ripped his spark from his chest. Soon after, he met with Attinger on the hull of his ship to discuss their arrangements, where the bounty hunter expressed his disgust with humans and mused that none of the species he had worked with in his travels had really understood their place in the universe.

An anonymous tip from a panicked civilian allowed Cemetery Wind to locate Optimus in at the home of Cade Yeager in Texas. Lockdown pulled up to a nearby baseball field and transformed, deploying his hook to clamber up a nearby grain silo. When Optimus revealed himself and began fighting back against Cemetery Wind's human operatives, Lockdown bombarded the Yeager homestead with a flurry of missiles, destroying it. Lockdown later pursued Prime across the highway, and eventually engaged Prime in battle on the roof of an abandoned factory. Prime managed to momentarily disable Lockdown by tossing him into a crane cable, allowing the Autobot leader to escape once again with his human allies; Lockdown freed himself in time to try and stop them with a grenade, but the only victim of its blast was Lucas Flannery.

Later, after the Autobots stormed KSI, Optimus was battlingGalvatron when Lockdown ambushed Prime and took him and Tessa Yeager captive. After moving his ship over Chicago to deliver the promised Seed to Cemetery Wind, Lockdown locked Prime up with the other Knights that he had captured, explaining to the defeated Autobot the origins of his ship and why the Creators wanted him. Unbeknownst to Lockdown, the other Autobots and humans had already boarded his ship in order to free Prime and Tessa; whenCrosshairs fired the ship's anchors in order to prevent it from taking off, the bounty hunter merely assumed one of his prisoners had broken free, and dispatched a pack of Steeljaws to deal with the problem. The beasts detached the anchors, and Lockdown took off into space, unaware that the Autobots had rescued Prime and stolen the section of his ship containing his prize trophy case.

Discovering the truth part-way into his journey, the furious Lockdown ordered a return to Earth. Arriving in the midst of a battle between the Autobots and KSI drones in Hong Kong, Lockdown utilized a magnetic weapon on his ship to wreak havoc on the city, but it was soon destroyed by Optimus. Lockdown descended to Hong Kong to battle him in person, leading to a vicious fight that saw Lockdown take the upper hand after Optimus diverted his attention save Cade Yeager from Attinger. Lockdown impaled Prime on his own sword, mocking him for his choice to save the human, but before the bounty hunter could finish him, Bumblebee, Cade, Tessa and Shane Dyson all teamed up against him. Lockdown was able to dispatch Bumblebee, and then turned on Cade, but failed to notice that Shane and Tessa had freed Optimus. Optimus slew Lockdown by brutally bisecting him with his sword, and destroyed what remained of his body when he used one of Lockdown's grenades to finish off the remaining KSI drones.

Cyber Missions web seriesEdit


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Dark of the Moon DC GameEdit

Lockdown is a deco in-game character for the Wii and/or DS if the game is bought at Target. He is based of of

I'm a muscle car .. with Cybertronian symbols.

the Lockdown character from Transformers: Animated, except that his color paintjob is green and violet.
Transformers - Dark of the Moon 3DS Gameplay - Part 2

Transformers - Dark of the Moon 3DS Gameplay - Part 2

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