The Lensmeter Decepticon's' are a group of miniscule Decepticons much like the better-known Scalpel. They primarily serve as medics attempting to repair Megatron after his battle with Optimus Prime.

To repair the damage he suffered from Optimus Prime in Egypt, Megatron allowed the Lensmeter Decepticons to constantly attend to his head-wound, putting the pieces back together from the inside. Despite the tiny robots services, Megatron crushed one between his fingers, seemingly out of boredom. Another Lensmeter Decepticon was seen repairing Megatron in Chicago while Megatron and Carly Brooks-Spencer were talking. Megatron even fed them to the hungry hatchlings and the hunchback Decepticon, Igor.


  • Although Scalpel was destroyed in the novel and comic adaptations of Revenge of the Fallen, his fate was left ambiguous in the film itself, so one of the Lensmeter Decepticons may have been intended to be Scalpel himself.
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