Leadfoot is an Autobot from Dark of the Moon.
Affiliation: Transformers
Function: Autobots, Wreckers
Alternate Mode: Juan Pablo Montoya #42 NASCAR Racer
Weapons: Rapid Fire Chainguns/missiles
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Leadfoot is a member of the elite Wrecker squad. He is partners with Roadbuster and Topspin. He works with his pet Cyber-dog, Steeljaw.

Wreckers - Kill it!

—Leadfoot, before proceeding to tear a Decepticon apart.

Movie PlotEdit


"Yes, you! Fetch me my beer! No, I'm not drunk enough ... yet!"

Leadfoot makes his debut in the Dark of the Moon film, in which he is first seen with Topspin and Roadbuster putting the finishing touches on the Xantium. After getting in a fight with several of the human workers, Epps tells the Wreckers to "go back to their pits," to which they do so. Leadfoot is among Earth's surviving Autobots who leave Earth on the Xantium. When the ship takes off and Starscream demolishes it, Leadfoot and the other Autobots are thought to have been killed.


Just before Sam, Epps, and his friends could be killed by a Decepticon Fighter Ship, Optimus shoots it down. The Wreckers then arrive at the scene and Leadfoot orders them to kill the Con, and he pitches in as well. When the other Autobots arrive, Leadfoot explains how they hid in the ship's booster rocket, and how they're not going anywhere. After a brief moment of planning, Bumblebee and Sam take off in the crashed ship, which the Wreckers repaired, and they find Carly and kill Laserbeak before crash-landing to the ground, where the Autobots continue through Chicago until the Driller and Shockwave attack. Leadfoot and his fellow Autobots seek refuge in a building. The Wreckers are ordered by Optimus to create a diversion. The Wreckers began firing their weapons at Shockwave, which merely annoys him, and the Wreckers retreat and accidently leave Wheelie and Brains behind.

Leadfoot continued fighting the Decepticons throughout Chicago, and aided Optimus when he got stuck in a crane's wires. The Wreckers free Optimus, who furiously begins taking out his rage on hordes of Decepticons, and in the meantime, the Wreckers battle and kill a Multi-Legged Decepticon.

Leadfoot is among the surviving Autobots at the end of the film, and accepts that Earth will be their new home now due to the demise of Cybertron.

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