Laserbeak is a Decepticon from, "Dark of the Moon."
Portrayed by: Keith Szarabajka
First Appearance: Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Appearances: Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Last Appearance: Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Species: Transformers
Affiliations: Decepticon, Recon/Spy
Status: Deceased

Laserbeak is a master spy under the command of Soundwave. He is able to assume multiple alternate forms to slip into top secret places undetected. are my favourite!"

—Laserbeak, to Jerry Wang

Movie plotEdit

Laserbeak soon arrived in Africa, shooting up a vulture as he descended to perch on Soundwave's hand. He reported to Megatron of the success of the Chernobyl mission, which had in turn led to Optimus retrieving Sentinel from the moon. He was then ordered to kill all of the Decepticons's human collaborators. During one of his attacks, he shape-shifted into a small pink version of Bumblebee (albeit with some parts missing), and met Madeline, who presumably mistook him as the friendly robot. When her parents came in, Laserbeak transformed into his normal self and killed her father. Laserbeak's "favourite" contact Jerry Wang was next, who had passed on articles pertaining to the assassinations and cover-ups to fellow employee Sam Witwicky. Laserbeak confronted Wang at his office, ordering him to do some sabotage work relating to the moon. When Sam came into Wang's office asking about the notes he had been given, Laserbeak forced Wang to send him away. He then demanded to know what he had told Sam. Wang feigned despair, saying he would do anything, but was able to surprise the sadistic Decepticon by pulling out two guns. However Laserbeak quickly disarmed him with his tail and "suicided" Wang by swinging him out the window, sending him falling to his death. Laserbeak took disguise as a photo copier and waited for Sam to come closer, but an employee trying to use him forced Laserbeak into action, chasing Sam through the office. Unfortunately he was not very nimble in the cramped spaces, and Sam managed to escape when Laserbeak clipped his wing.

Laserbeak reappeared with Soundwave after Sam and Carly Spencer had realised that the one human ally that they did not kill, Dylan Gould, was working for the Decepticons in place of his father before him. Laserbeak perched himself on a fountain and watched as Dylan and Soundwave forced Sam into agreeing to find out the Autobot's plans.

Laserbeak later participated in the invasion of the city of Chicago, and waited for Sentinel to activate his space bridge Pillars in Dylan's penthouse. When Sam was arrived to rescue Carly, Laserbeak transformed out of his CD player mode and grabbed Sam with his talons and threw him out of the window. But Sam was saved by Bumblebee and his newly acquired Decepticon fighter. Laserbeak tried knocking a military drone into the fighter to jam its engines, and struggled with Sam on top of the fighter. Sam managed to hold Laserbeak's head in front of one of the fighter's guns and had Bumblebee shoot, decapitating and killing Laserbeak. 

Game plotEdit



You are able to play as Laserbeak when Soundwave is unable to enter the volcanic base.

Toy Edit

Laserbeak transforms into a Cybertronian-like hover jet with 'Mech-Tech' weapon. Either use his cannon and attach them to his wings, or attach them to him in vehicle form.