Jolt is a young Autobot described as a troublemaker and a bit of a snob but loves to battle Decepticons in any battle. He seems to have fondness of Earth's nature and a habit of saving energy explaining why he chose an eco-friendly car as a disguise. He is armed with two electro-whips. Jolt lures his enemies in close to deliver a crippling blow with his electronic-whips.


Jolt:"Hey, does this mean I get to have more screen time in the movie?
Michael Bay:No.
Jolt: Jerk!

Revenge of the Fallen (film)Edit

Jolt makes his debut in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen alongside Sideswipe, the Twins and the Arcee trio as the new Autobots. He is the only new Autobot to have not participated in the pursuit of Sideways and Demolisher.

Although Jolt remained quiet throughout the beginning of the film, he did jump into the action when the Decepticons began to suddenly mobilize. However, he was not among the Autobots who had arrived at the forest scene where Megatron had slain Optimus Prime.

Jolt went with his fellow Autobots to the Diego Garcia base, where Optimus Prime's corpse was dropped to the ground. Few seconds were obtained to mourn for their fallen leader as Theodore Galloway appeared with a group of jeeps. The Autobots reacted bitterly by charging up their weapons - with Jolt unleashing bolts of electricity from his whips. However, the Autobots were forced to calm down as Galloway announced that NEST had been taken apart by the President.

The Last Knight (film)Edit

Jolt´s head is seen in the junkyard in the background when Jimmy is reacting to the arrival of the TRF, though who knows how his head ended up in the junkyard.

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