Jazz is an Autobot from the first live action movie.
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Jazz is Optimus Prime's first lieutenant, and right hand 'bot. He can't get enough of Earth's culture. He loves the music and the sleek sports cars.

You want a piece of me, you want a piece?!

—Jazz's last words.

Movie plotEdit

Jazz was part of Optimus Prime's unit, summoned to Earth by Bumblebee after the latter Autobot came to be in the possession of Sam Witwicky. After his protoform crashed through a baseball stadium, he investigated a nearby car dealership and chose a Pontiac Solstice hardtop as his vehicle mode.


Linking up with his fellow Autobots in a deserted alley, Jazz greeted Sam and Mikaela Banes as "little bitches," stating that Earth seems to be a cool place to hang out. He casually sat on the hood of a car while Optimus Prime explained to Sam they learned Earth's languages through the World Wide Web. He then relayed their mission to find the AllSpark and explained how his grandfather's glasses were the key to its location. Soon after, as Sam looked for his grandfather's glasses, the Autobots attempted to assist by clumsily destroying the yard where they went. When it came to hide from the parents, Jazz had the easiest time blending into the shadows due to his small stature.

When Sam and Mikaela were captured by Sector Seven, the Autobots mounted a rescue that saw Optimus Prime tearing the roof off Agent Simmons' vehicle. When the agents attempted to resist, Jazz used a magnet to relieve the humans of their weapons. After Bumblebee was captured by Sector Seven during the retreat, Jazz expressed his desire to rescue him, but was overruled by Optimus Prime, who didn't believe it possible to accomplish this without harming the humans, and so they should let them go.

The next day, after Optimus used his navigation scanner on Archibald Witwicky's glasses, Jazz again commented that they could not leave Bumblebee to die at the hands of Sector- Seven, to become a human experiment. Optimus replied that Bumblebee would die in vain if they did not find the AllSpark, and when Ironhide asked if the primitive and cruel humans deserved to be saved, Optimus countered by asking if Transformers were so different in the past. Going on to explain what he saw in the humans, Prime declared that if it came to it, he would sacrifice himself to destroy the AllSpark - the humans should not pay for Cybertron's mistakes. Inspired by his words, Jazz and the other Autobots rolled out, filled with determination.

On the way to Hoover Dam, the Autobots encountered Bumblebee leading a column of Sector- Seven assault vehicles. Jazz and his fellow Autobots applied brakes and did a hard u-turn to join the formation.

Entering Mission City, the human soldiers tried to call for air support from their own forces, only to be attacked by Starscream disguised as a F-22 fighter. The small Autobot fires his crescent canon at Starscream, warding him off by blasting his left tail fin from the unprotected Sam Witwicky. Jazz, oddly, transformed back into vehicle mode after the explosion which crippled Bumblebee, destroying his legs. When Brawl began shelling the battleground site, Jazz led the Autobot charge toward the Decepticon, speeding to the tank in vehicle mode, then transformed and hopped on top of the turret to distract the Decepticon from the humans. As Brawl also transformed, Jazz managed to wreck his left-side rocket launcher pod before being tossed off. He then sped back to the battle, firing at Brawl, blasting his face open, effectively blinding him, while Ratchet sliced off his left hand.

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Jazz killed by Megatron.

Jazz then attacked Megatron when he appeared on the scene in order to cover the escape of several fleeing humans, but all he got was being blasted by the Decepticon's fusion cannon. As Ironhide and Ratchet escorted Sam and the All Spark to safety, Jazz attempted to buy them some time by taking on Megatron by himself but was completely overmatched, even though his was a skilled fighter. The Decepticon leader tossed him through the air, then landed upon him with the crushing grip of his talons. Valiantly, Jazz defied to the bitter end, opting to shoot Megatron rather then surrender,asking Megatron if he wanted a "piece" of him.Megatron anwsered him,so as Megatron ripped Jazz into half with great ease shortly before attacking Optimus Prime. Jazz could have stood a chance, but he was overmatched in terms of strength and size to Megatron.


After being separated from Sam Witwicky, Ratchet hurried to Jazz, but his spark had already faded. In the aftermath of Megatron's defeat, Ironhide sombrely handed Optimus Prime Jazz's remains as Ratchet reported that he could not save their comrade, whom the Autobot leader eulogized.11 years later Jazz was reborn in a different body with the rest of his fellow autobots whom memories ha been restored. In a transformion labortory and surprised see the other returned to life and still alive and well . But confused of were they are . But the rest of the human explained the information what's happening and the rest of the revived autobots and the autobots still living grieved and mourned over their recent loss of those whom theI've couldn't revive and soon new and old autobots and a entire army of them came to earth to help buster their ranks and the rest of the autobots in Lockdown's ship escape thanks to the rest of the autobots' help. And the autobots whom are with Ultra Magnus rarived as well and the rest found by Optimus prime and reunited with the humans and Bumblebee and Ultra Magnus taking command until Optimus returned ( or whom they thought was Optimus arived with his voice print . But acted strange and was really Nemesis Prime whom the creators sent and extracted the darkness within Optimus and sent as a spy and was orginally Sentinel Prime.) And later they came face to face with megatron ( now Galvatron) and then betrayed by Nemesis Prime whom shot Crosshairs in the back with his new rust gun and then they were left with no choice but to retreat. And they grieved and mourned over the rest of the deased autobots deaths and soon the real Optimus returned and with a few other autobots he found in space and found out he restored Cybertron with the seed and they knew they needed to rally their forces and take back the earth and together with their combined strategy they've finally pushed back the threat the descticons and the new remains of the corrupted government and the creators alongside a tempory allied Megatron , the now insaned Sentinel Prime. But carried anger toward Megatron , but Optimus allowed him to escape and then promised the autobots and the humans they'll one day find and destroy Megatron (and the so called Unicron the creators showed him while in captivity and restore peace to the universe.

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