Ironhide is an Autobot in the Dark of the Moon Franchise.

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Affiliation: Autobots
Alternate Mode: GMC Top-kick 4x4
Weapons: Cannons, Heavy Iron Cannons
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Ironhide is the Autobots' weapons specialist and veteran. And has fought numerous battles along side Optimus Prime. During a battle, Ironhide is like a walking artillery with his huge cannons. In vehicle mode he is pretty much a motorized battering-ram that can smash through fortifications, or platoons of troops.He is the strongest transformer in the world.

Class dismissed...

—Ironhide after finishing the Dreads.

Film PlotEdit


Ironhide with the Autobots

Ironhide was first seen in the Dark of the Moon film when Que was giving him his new weapon - a Heavy Iron Cannon. When Charlotte Mearing arrived to speak with Optimus, Ironhide, and Dino told her that he wasn't in a mood to talk to anyone. It was than that Ironhide told Optimus to make something of himself, to which he transformed and threw out his anger on Director Mearing by telling her that they had obviously broken their bonds with the Autobots, since they promised that everything they knew would be told to them, though the Ark Fuel Cell at Chernobyl obviously was not. Mearing attempted to give a thorough explanation to Optimus, and it was than that several of NASA's administrators walked in (including Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin). The humans went through everything they knew, and told it to Optimus, to which Ironhide asked Aldrin if he had searched the Ark's Crash Vault for anything, to which there was no reply.

Later on, Sentinel Prime was resurrected by Optimus using the Matrix of Leadership. The old Autobot's last memory had been while he was still in battle, and he began fighting Optimus until he calmed him down. Ironhide, Dino, Que, Sideswipe, Ratchet, and Bumblebee stand nearby, where Ironhide assures them to stay back, and then Optimus takes control of the situation. Ironhide is among those who heard Sentinel saying that the Pillars that he had created could form a Space Bridge, which would've won them the Cybertronian war. He told the humans that they must not allow the Decepticons to know of the Pillars as well.

Later, when Sam discovered how the Decepticons had already stolen large portions of Pillars from the Ark prior to 1969, and the Decepticons would want Sentinel next. Sure enough, three black Chevrolet Suburbans by the grouped-title of "the Dreads" arrived on the highway where Bumblebee, Dino, Sideswipe, and Sentinel were on.

Mexican Standoff

Why don't I just shoot them?

After Dino killed Hatchet, the Autobots continued on to bring Sentinel back to the NEST base, and Sideswipe met up with Ironhide in a narrow street, where he had a head-on collision with Crankcase and Crowbar. Sideswipe quoted that it appeared that they were in a Mexican Standoff, and Ironhide had everyone put their weapons down. Yet unknown to Ironhide, the two Dreads had spiked-spears on their backs. Crowbar took one out, throwing it into Ironhide's chest. Sideswipe took advantage of the situation, slicing one of the airborne boomsticks in two before tossing his gun to Ironhide.

Crowbar Death

My second-to-last kill MUST be related to Prime's head fetish!

Ironhide blasted Crowbar's face apart, killing him, and he used one of the boomsticks to destroy Crankcase's face and rode him down onto a car. Ironhide kicked the Decepticon-carrying car into an auto shop, which exploded along with Crankcase.

When Ironhide arrived at the NEST base, Lennox ordered Ironhide destroy Starscream

Dark of the Moon Game PlotEdit


Ironhide battling a green Decepticon drone

Ironhide travels to Detroit, as the Decepticons had launched an assault, and assists Ratchet getting people out of the city. Right after destroying all the Decepticons, Ratchet sends out a distress signal. Ironhide discovers Mixmaster has him hostage. After killing him, Ironhide is able to get out of the city alive with Ratchet.

Ironhide can be a playable character in Multiplayer Mode with all his weapons from the campaign except with no access to the Heavy Iron 2.0 rifle.

Transformers Dark of the Moon- Mixmaster Battle

Transformers Dark of the Moon- Mixmaster Battle

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