The Hudson Tower is a building in Chicago in the Dark of the Moon Film. It is most notable for having been the location where Sam Witwicky, Carly Spencer, Robert Epps, and his mercenary friends aim a rocket launcher (weilded by Hardcore Eddie) to destroy the Control Pillar, which was located on the rooftop of the Hotchkiss Gould Building.

Dark of the Moon FilmEdit

Sam and the other Humans decide to head into the building to get a good shot at the Control Pillar, due to the building's height. When Sam and the others storm into the building, it's center is already tilting at a 90 degree angle (as stated in the novel, yet for the Galileo Building). Hardcore Eddie manages to successfully set up his launcher next to a shattered window, yet the entire building begins to shake due to it's extreme instability. Sam manages to calm everyone down, and just before Hardcore Eddie can fire, a Decepticon Protoform attacks the group, and they are forced to jump out of the windows. They all begin to slide down the tilted structure, and save themselves when Epps has his friends shoot the glass, and they plummet through the glass and into one of the building's floors. They crash through more windows and walls, and crash through strewn debris as one-by-one, they grab onto something to stop them from sliding. Epps stops just at the edge of the building, yet Ames isn't so lucky, as he plummets to the streets below. The building is than still again, and down below, Shockwave sees Ames fall to the ground, and notices the humans high above. Upon seeing them, he has the Driller begin to destroy the building. The humans inside begin to run around, desperately trying to get to safety, yet the upper half of the building collapses completely and leans up against another building. Sam, Carly, and the others manage to grab onto the building's pillars, but the Driller notices them, and just before it could annihilate them, Optimus flies over with his jetpack, blasting two holes through the collapsed part of the building, which he flies through and crashes through the Driller's head, killing it. This gives Sam and the others a chance to climb down the building of which the upper half of the Hudson Tower, where they managed to safely get down to the ground.

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