High Wire doesn't get why it's his problem that humans get uneasy around giant alien robots, but those annoying pencil-pushers in charge think otherwise and have him under strict orders to stay in motorcycle mode at all times. He absolutely hates this, and often rebels against Prime's authority by revealing his hidden weapons just to shock random passerbys.

High Wire.

300px-SpeedStars-toy StealthForce HighWire

High Wire's toy.


Speed StarsEdit

Stealth ForceEdit

  • High Wire (Motorcycle, 2010)
Part of the first wave of the small "Motorcycle" size class of the Speed Stars "Stealth Force" line, High Wire is a sport racing motorcyle of indeterminate model without a robot mode. Instead, he features an attack mode with multiple pop-out (non-firing) weapons activated by pulling his rear wheel. His front housing opens up to reveal a pair of blasters on each side, and the top reveals a large cannon. His seat flips up to reveal a quad-blaster (which doesn't have a clear firing angle), and his taillights extend out.

Dark of the MoonEdit

Stealth ForceEdit

  • High Wire (Motorcycle, 2011)
High Wire was repackaged for the Dark of the Moon toyline, with no changes from the original Speed Stars release.


  • As with a lot of new characters introduced in the 2010-2011 toy lines, High Wire's bio info did not tie him in any specific franchise. His re-issue in the Dark of the Moon toyline, however, puts him firmly in the live-action film series.
  • High Wire is almost at perfect scale for use with G.I. Joe 3 3/4-inch action figures.