Hatchlings are tiny Protoforms that lay dorment in an egg shaped nest. They "hatch" when there is enough Energon for them to activate.Hatchlings are the truely the first stage of a cybertronian life cycle.Hatchlings need energon or else they will die without it.Hence why the decepticons are so desperate for energon.Its possible the hatchlings in Dark of the Moon are from the Decepticon Ship Nemesis.

Dark of the Moon FilmEdit

Several Hatchlings appeared in Namibia in the film at the Decepticons' hideout, where Megatron fed them all grains of Energon until Starscream arrived. Due to the deaths of all the hideouts' inhabitants, the Hatchlings most likely died due to the immediate ceasing of Energon production. Megatron possibly only raise the hatchlings to make a new army of decepticons.

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