Great, Dirtbag. I really do look like a dirtbag ... not.

Hatchet is a Decepticon and is also a member of the Dreads. His alternate mode is a Chevrolet Surburban SUV, formated as a police car. Like Steeljaw, he is a canine-shaped re-engineered cybertron wildlife. He is also the second re-engineered wildlife of cybertron to have a alternate mode. (Laserbeak is the first because he can turn into a flat screen tv and a printer, plus he can turn into a cybertronian, Bumblebee more specifically.)

Movie PlotEdit

After Sentinel Prime's resurrection, Megatron put his master plan into action. After tracking the Autobots, Hatchet was sent to go after Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and Dino, who were guarding Sentinel while heading down a busy Washington D.C. highway. Sam was also on the scene, riding in Bumblebee, while Simmons and Dutch rode in their Maybach.

Hatchet, along with his allies Crankcase and Crowbar, pursued the Autobots. They first drove directly behind Simmon's Maybach, with Crowbar transforming into robot-mode and tossing Simmons out of the Maybach and onto the highway. In the process, he had leapt over his vehicle and slammed into the double-highway sign, sending it crashing to the ground. Due to this, it became a perfect source for a ramp, which Hatchet and Crankcase launched, transformed in mid-air, and began to continue pursuing the Autobots but this time in robotic wildlife-mode.

Immediately excited by the events that were occuring, Hatchet took advantage of the situation by crashing through several cars and shoving them aside as well. Moments later, he made a massive leap over Bumblebee, and for whatever reason he did so is unknown. When he made impact on the highway, he continued running as the Autobots unleashed their Stealth Force modes. Hatchet failed to keep up with Crankcase and Crowbar, and was quickly targeted by Dino. As Bumblebee and Sideswipe opened fire on the raging Decepticon, Dino sank his two blades deep into his back, skidding alongside the highway as his two allies continued firing rockets at the beast. Finally, Dino steered the panicing Hatchet onto the highway's other late. A precise aim by the Autobot sent him ramming his head into an incoming car. The brutal crash quickly twisted his neck until it tumbled off his shoulders as his corpse crashed into another larger vehicle.

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