Fearswoop, along with Divebomb and Skystalker, were selling advanced Cybertronian weapons to humans on Starscream's orders. When a NEST strike team attacked, Fearswoop heroically wussed out and surrendered to them, and was taken alive to Diego Garcia. After a short time in captivity, Fearswoop bore witness to Shockwave breaking into the NEST base and killing his guard, Jolt. He found this amusing. Fearswoop was then taken out of captivity by Shockwave, who was uninterested in listening to how impressed the simple-minded Decepticon was with his killing prowess. The two left to confront a NEST team in Philadelphia, where Fearswoop went on the offensive while simultaneously preparing to tell a great joke... only to crash into Wheeljack's force field and explode before he could get to the punchline.
400px-ROTF-toy Fearswoop

I will slice you into two!

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