Ejector is a Decepticon from Revenge of the Fallen.
Affiliation: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: 4-slot Toaster
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When a shard of the ALLSpark fell into Sam's kitchen, it brought like to a simple toaster, Ejector was born. He is a viscous little bugger, with razor sharp teeth and claws, and a mace tail.

In another universe, Ejector lives with 3 Mountain Dew drinking Students. Ejector's robot mode is a bipedal robot ~1.5' tall with red glowing internal parts (possibly heating elements.) His most distinctive feature is an articulated 'tail' from which he rapidly spins his retractable power plug like a flail. He cannot speak English, but appears to understand it. In toaster mode, he is capable of concealing a small payload within his frame (such as a 20 oz bottle.) However, doing so prevents actual toast from being inserted inside of him, and thus partially compromises his disguise.


Revenge of the FallenEdit

  • Ejector (Scout 2009)
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