Dylan Gould is the main human antagonist (as well as the tertiary antagonist) of the Dark of the Moon franchise.
Dylan Gould

He is a human collabarator working for the Decepticons, and is heavily recognized as Soundwave's partner. He also works alongside Laserbeak as well sometimes.

Movie PlotEdit

Dylan Gould is the owner of a multi-international car company that collects antique cars. Carly is also a member of the company. He first meets Sam when he comes to visit Carly. When the two meet, Sam can be seen to have a bitter feeling against Dylan.

When Sam and Carly are about to leave in Sam's car, it won't start, and Dylan helps him with it, noting that he was the one who helped him get the job at Acuretta Systems.

Dylan later appears in his gigantic mansion, when Sam arrives to retrieve Carly. However, Dylan tells the group how his father told him that when the war isn't yours, you should always join the winning side. Sam, recognizing that something was wrong with Dylan's tone, runs off with Carly to escape via her Mercedes. However, the Mercedes morphs into Soundwave. Dylan begins to tell Sam how Soundwave and Laserbeak made space flights to the Moon too expensive, so that nobody could ever go back. Dylan than begins to argue with Sam, saying that Soundwave would easily crush Carly and that he needs to show some respect when someone offers him a job. He than allows the Watch-Bot from on his wrist, who digs down into Sam's nervous system and "bites" Sam whenever he tries to resist him. He tells him that if he does his job by finding out the Autobots' plans, Carly would be safe. Sam said that he would kill him as the guards released him.

Dylan later went on a plane with Carly that would bring them to Chicago. Yet first, Sam called him just as the Autobots boarded the Xantium. He told Dylan that he got what he wanted, but Dylan said that he just wanted to be sure that they wouldn't put up a fight. He than has Starscream destroy the Xantium.

He and Carly later arrive in Chicago at the Gould Hotchkiss Building, where several people transport the Pillars and the Control Pillar to the rooftop. Megatron and Sentinel Prime then obtain them to activate the Space Bridge, and Dylan explains it's function to Carly. Later that night, he is one of the many people to witness the Decepticons devastate Chicago.

Dylan keeps Carly in his penthouse until a Bumblebee-piloted Orbital Assault Carrier with Sam aboard it arrived. Sam managed to jump from the ship into the building, where he threatened to kill Dylan until Laserbeak intervened and through him off the edge of the building. Sam is thought to have died, until he reappears as the ship hovers in Dylan's full-view. As Carly jumps onto the ship, it opens fire, to which Dylan takes cover. Laserbeak attempts killing Sam - yet is killed when one of the guns on the ship blew his head off, which Dylan is startled to witness and alerts Megatron that the Autobots are alive, to which all of Chicago's bridges are raised.

Dylan later appears alongside Soundwave, Barricade, and several Autobts Protoforms who have held Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Ratchet, Dino, and Que prisoner. Dylan asks Soundwave if he's keeping prisoners, to which he says yes, and Dylan says that he should execute them, to which Soundwave says "No Prisoners, Only Trophies." Upon hearing that, Barricade and a Protoform execute Que, and just before Soundwave can execute Bumbleebee, a Decepticon mothership, hiijacked by Wheelie and Brains, releases the ships inside of it, which crush many Decepticons. This gives Bumblebee the chance to kill Soundwave as Dylan escapes to activate the Control Pillar, seeing that his work there could no longer be accomplished.


So, how does that concrete block taste like? Solid?

Dylan and Sam coincidently meet up at the Control Pillar, where Dylan pulls out a gun on Sam - yet several newspapers being blown through the air obscure his face. Sam and Dylan briefly fight, until Dylan activates the Pillar, allowing the Space Bridge to bring Cybertron to Earth's atmosphere. Dylan than says that he saved a whole other world, and asks Sam if he thinks that he's a hero. Sam disagrees, saying that he's "just a messenger". Using a metal rod with a concrete block on the end, he whacks Dylan in the face, sending him hurtling backwards into the Control Pillar.

He is immediately electrocuted to death, and his corpse tumbled down past the debris that the Pillar was on.

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