Affiliation: Decepticons
Function: Creature
Weapons: Drilling Tentacles
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Driller is a subterranean creature from the planet Cybertron. In the film, he makes his debut as the pet of Shockwave.

Movie PlotEdit

Driller makes his debut in the Dark of the Moon film, alongside his master, Shockwave. Driller attacks the Autobots at the nuclear site of Chernobyl, and he attempts to steal a fuel cell from the Autobot Ark - though the tentacle gripping the object was severed by Optimus Prime. Afterwards, Driller retreated.

300px-DOTM Driller vs Prime

Driller fighting Optimus Prime.

Driller makes his second and final appearence in Chicago, where he attacks the Autobots alongside Shockwave and dislocates Optimus's trailer. Later, when Shockwave sees Sam, Epps and the others in the Hudson Tower - Driller begins to crush it, and just before he can kill Sam and the others, Optimus flies over with his jetpack after retrieving his trailer, furiously being engaged in battle with the beast, until finally, he flies straight through the neck of the creature - ultimately killing him, leaving ruins of twisted tentacles. (Shockwave surely wants revenge at Optimus)


  • Driller looks like another cybertronian wildlife called Dweller.
    Concept art decepticon
  • Driller resembles an aquatic concept art.
  • Driller is 1080 feet long

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