Looks like the Decipticons really like cats.Im allergic to cats.So I'm allergic to this symbol.One reason why I hate Decipticons

The Decepticons were formed by The Fallen. They will stop at nothing to get their hands on new energon sources, like the AllSpark, the Matrix of Leadership, and The Harvestor.

All Decepticons have red eyes unlike Autobots, who have light blue


Known Decepticons Edit

  • Megatron/Galvatron (killed optimus prime)
  • The Fallen (decepticon prime) (killed optimus prime)
  • Driller (killed optimus prime)
  • Ravage (killed bumblebee)
  • Laserbeak (killed bumblebee)
  • Alice (killed michaela)
  • Frenzy (killed by his boomerang)
  • Brawl/Devastator (killed bumblebee)
  • Scorponok (killed jetfire)
  • Berserker (alive)
  • Loader (killed unknown)
  • Devcon (killed roadbuster, leadfoot, topspin)
  • Infernocus (killed optimus prime)
  • Infernocons (killed optimus prime)
  • Cranckase (killed ironhide)
  • Crowbar (killed sideswipe)
  • Hachet (killed dino/mirage)
  • Mixmaster (1 killed usa airstrike, 2 killed jetfire)
  • Rampage/Skipjack (1 killed usa airstrike) (2 killed bumblebee)
  • Long haul (killed bombing)
  • Scrapper (killed bombing)
  • Overload (killed usa airstrike)
  • Scavenger (killed usa airstrike)
  • Demolisher/Wheelbot (killed optimus prime)
  • Hightower (killed usa airstrike)
  • Scrapmetal (1 killed mixmaster, long haul) (2 killed usa airstrike)
  • payload (killed usa airstrike)
  • buckethehead (killed usa airstrike)
  • Scalpel/The Doctor (killed optimus prime, bumblebee)
  • apliance bots (killed bumblebee)
  • Igor (killed unknown)
  • Watch-bot (killed sam)
  • Hatchlings
  • Doctor's Drones (killed megatron)
  • Insecticons
  • Buffalo MPV Decepticon (killed unknown usa airstrike)
  • M1 Abrams Decepticon (killed optimus prime)
  • Audi R8 Decepticon (killed optimus prime)
  • Pickup Decepticon (killed unknown)
  • Police car Decepticon (killed unknown)
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