Cybertron during the war.

Cybertron is the home planet of living, robotic alien, the Transformer race. Cybertron is also the home of living robotic wildlife (such as the Insecticons, Hatchet, Steeljaw, Ravage, Laserbeak, Microcons, and exc). It used to be a crown jewel in the crown galaxies, a glistening golden sphere, but war soon changed that. The golden color was replaced by drab and dreary tones, the mech-fluid of fallen Cybertronian soldiers staining the planet's surface. The planet was left dying after the AllSpark was jettisoned into space. It became barren wasteland devoid of life.



Cybertron in ruins.

Geography-wise, the surface of Cybertron is a mystery. Large rivers of molten liquid criss-cross the golden surface of the planet, though whether this is lava, molten metal, or possibly energon is anyone's guess. In more urbanized areas, the stone and lava seem to be covered over with naturally occurring steel, such as the city of Tyger Pax. However, these incidents took place during the war, so it may have been the result of the devastation Cybertron saw. Although they had no flora there was living, biomechanical plants.

The planet is also covered in Spiny towers and Honey-comb structures some vast and continuous, reaching out to the very edge of it's atmosphere, some small, making up the very fibres of the surface.

Known cities/LocationsEdit

  • Altihex
  • Ankmor Park
  • Axiom Nexus
  • Burthov
  • Crystal City
  • Gygax
  • Hive City
  • Iacon
  • Kaon
  • Ky-Alexia
  • Kalis
  • Polyhex
  • Praxus
  • Simfur
  • Tarn
  • Tyger Pax
  • The AllSpark temple
  • Trypticon
  • Vos
  • Yuss
(In alphabetical order.)

Movie PlotEdit

Dark of the Moon filmEdit


The Ark's attempt to escape war-ravaged Cybertron while two armies fight each other.

Stellar Cycles ago in the final days of the war, The Ark, carrying Sentinel Prime, several Autobot protoforms, and the Space bridge technology tried fleeing Cybertron through the Honey comb structures trying out run Decepticon fightercraft. It was shot down and crashed on Earth's moon.


Cybertron being teleported to Earth.

Years later, using a space bridge, Megatron and Sentinel Prime attempt to bring Cybertron to Earth to use Earth's natural resources and human race as slave labor to rebuild the planet. During the final battle, Cybertron started to materialize over Earth. Cybertron partially formed before the space bridge was temporarily shut down and continued forming once it was reinitalized by Dylan Gould.


Cybertron destroyed.

After Ratchet and Bumblebee destroyed the Control Pillar, the space bridge shut down for good and Cybertron collapsed in on itself as it was not fully formed yet. With Cybertron presumably destroyed, the Autobots had no choice but to accept Earth as their new home.

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