Fools! This is not Dreadwind, this is Crankcase!

This article relates to the Dark of the Moon Decepticon. You may be looking for the Reign of Starscream character.

Crankcase is the leader of the Dreads, and partners with Hatchet and Crowbar. Like his fellow comrades, Crankcase assumes the vehicle mode of a black Chevrolet Suburban emergency vehicle.


Crankcase before he is killed by Ironhide.

Dark of the Moon FilmEdit

Crankcase was hiding on the Earth's Moon but once the Autobots, Ratchet and Optimus found the stasis-locked body of Sentinel Prime, Crankcase and his two Dread comrades, Hatchet and Crowbar, followed them to Earth where the three had caused havoc on the highway in Washington, D.C. Yet the Autobots took role, with Sideswipe, Bumblebee and Dino killing Hatchet.

In the meantime, Ironhide crashes into Crankcase and Crowbar. Sideswipe declares that they would let them live if they dropped their weapons. Crankcase started speaking Cybertronian with Crowbar, and they began to attack the two. As Crowbar threw a spiked-boom stick at Ironhide, Sideswipe gained his Heavy Iron Cannon - allowing Ironhide to use it to kill Crowbar, and moments later, spear Crankcase in the face with the boom stick. He then tossed him onto a car and pushed it into a autoshop, destroying him in the explosion.

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