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The Control Pillar is an powerful object created by Sentinel Prime long ago on Cybertron. It's function was control the other, more minor Pillars. It completes the cycle of activating a Space Bridge.

Dark of the Moon FilmEdit

The Control Pillar was recovered by Optimus Prime and Ratchet in the Ark's Crash Vault when they arrived on the Moon by traveling on the Xantium. They quickly found it in the Ark's ruins, and brought it back to Earth with four other Pillars. The NEST team immediately secured them in a vault.

The Control Pillar was later recovered by the resurrected Sentinel Prime, who had revealed his true plans by killing Ironhide. After damaging the NEST base, Sentinel rode off with the five Pillars - including the Control Pillar.

Later on, Sentinel activated the Space Bridge at the National Mall using the Control Pillar and the other four ones. It was there that Optimus and his fellow Autobots intervened. However, they were too late, as Decepticons and Orbital Assault Carriers alike poured out of the Space Bridge, wrecking havoc in Washington. Sentinel reclaimed several of the Pillars (at least the Control Pillar, since various humans brought the Pillars to Chicago by themselves) and rode from Washington to Chicago, Illinois, where he continued his master plan.

In Chicago, the Control Pillar was among several other Pillars brought to the Hotchkiss Gould Building by several Sentinel, several human collabarators and Dylan Gould. The Pillar was put into place by Sentinel, placing it in a secured area on the side of the building where it was protected by stone pillars (not to be confused with Sentinel's creation).

Throughout the Chicago, the Control Pillar remained on the building until Sentinel activated it, allowing the Space Bridge to bring Cybertron just beyond Earth's atmosphere. Yet just before it could break through the O-Zone Layer, Optimus used the deceased Shockwave's cannon to blast down the support that was holding up the Control Pillar, sending it crashing to the ground where it was partially functioning.

At the battle's climax, Sam Witwicky and Dylan Gould fought over deactivating and activating the Control Pillar, and it came to the point that Dylan reactivated it. Yet moments later, Sam forced Dylan to crash into the Pillar, where he was electrocuted to death. The Autobots than miraculously arrived, and Ratchet shot the Pillar until Bumblebee leapt up and crushed the permenantly deactivated Pillar. Due to this, the Orbital Assault Carriers and Decepticon Battleships were sucked through the dying Space Bridge and toward the collapsing Cybertron, where they were all destroyed.

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