Bumblebee prime is a an teenaged Autobot team leader in Dark of the Moon.
Affiliation: Autobots
Function: Scout, Second-in-command together Hound (in The Last Knight)
Alternate Mode: Fith generation Chevy Camaro
Weapons: solar cannon
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Bumblebee prime is a stealthy warrior and team leader of the autobots , and one of the more compassionate Autobots, he cares a great deal about his human friend Sam Witwicky being his guardian and best friend And guy and robot.And a skilled leader and second -in- command to optmus prime and the incarnation of the autobots during the war for cybertron and Cairo and chiago.

Movie plotEdit

Bumblebee no longer lives with Sam and now goes on missions with the other Autobots. On one such mission, he travels to the Middle East with Que, Dino, and Sideswipe where they dismantle a secret nuclear facility.And one of the leaders of the autobots and handpicked Optimus prime to help lead the autobots into battle and proved his leadership during the war of cybertron and the battle of Cairo.

When Sam shows up at N.E.S.T. base, he tries to call for Bumblebee on one of the soldiers radios and apparently Bumblebee gets the message as he shows up to diffuse the situation, defending Sam and confirming his clearance. Sam berates Bumblebee for not even visiting him anymore to which Bumblebee apologizes for and says he feels bad about. Bumblebee leads Sam, Carly, Wheelie, and Brains into the building and witnesses the revival of Sentinel Prime. Afterwards, due to Laserbeak's attack against Sam, he's assigned to protect him again. Sam and Bumblebee are happy to be reunited, and Wheelie expresses relief at having Bumblebee to protect them from Decepticon attacks.

When Sam decides to investigate the Decepticons plot, Bumblebee agrees with his choice. In order to get the information he needed, Sam made a deal with Bruce Brazos to be given the data in exchange for him meeting Bumblebee. Brazos takes on an agressive stance towards Bumblebee and Bumblebee is annoyed with him and pulls out his cannon which just amuses Brazos before Simmons kicks him out. When the group decides to travel to Atlantic City to meet up with two former Russian cosmonauts, Bumblebee calls in Dino and Sideswipe for back-up before an annoyed Carly shows up and leaves.


The group travels to Atlantic City where they learn that the Decepticons have hundreds of space bridge pillars on the moon and need Sentinel to operate them. Bumblebee, Dino, and Sideswipe quickly begin to escort Sentinel back to base, but are attacked by the Dreads on the freeway. Bumblebee manages to protect Sam from harm, and, with Dino's assistance, kill Hatchet before being joined by Ironhide near the base who kills the other two. At the base, Bumblebee is shocked when Sentinel murders Ironhide and barley avoids being killed himself before Sentinel steals the pillars. Although he attempts to fight Sentinel alone and rescue Ironhide, he is over-matched and forced to retreat.And grieved and mourned over his death and feeling guilty and discovered sentinel betrayed jetfire and wheelie and during the of cycbertron' final days.And in a desire for vengeance and ready to kill him when they meet again.

After a failed attempt by the Autobots to stop Sentinel on the National Mall ends in hundreds of Decepticons arriving through the space bridge and Sentinel gives the UN an ultimatum, the Autobots are ordered to leave Earth in the Xantium. Bumblebee says a sad goodbye to a tearful Sam before leaving in the Xantium. Starscream proceeds to destroy the Xantium as its launching, apparently killing Bumblebee and the other Autobots.


In truth, the Autobots secretly abandonded ship before it was destroyed and made their way to Chicago in time to save Sam, Epps, and their team from being killed by a Decepticon fighter. Sam comes up with the plan for him and Bumblebee to fly the fighter to Dylan Gould's penthouse to rescue Carly even though Bumblebee was only "so so" sure he could fly it. Despite a rocky start, the two reach the penthouse and Sam enters it to rescue Carly. Laserbeak attacks Sam and flings him out the window, but Bumblebee catches him on the fighter and rises back to the penthouse where Carly jumps to the fighter and climbs into the cockpit while Sam struggles with Laserbeak. During the struggle, Bumblebee lost control of the fighter and started to spin around. The fight with Laserbeak ended when Sam managed to hold his head in front of one of the fighter's guns and had Bumblebee fire, decapitating and killing Laserbeak. The fighter crashed, but Bumblebee, Carly, and Sam were unhurt.

After heading off to fight the Decepticons with the other Autobots while the humans attempted to shoot down the Control Pillar and failed, Bumblebee arrived in time to catch Sam and Lennox after Lennox cut them free from a cable connecting them to Starscream. Bumblebee pulled them out of the way as Sam's boomstick detonated, decapitating and killing Starscream. Bumblebee then carried Sam and Carly to a bridge at the end of the river and left them to gather the other Autobots.

Bumblebee, Ratchet, Que, and Dino are captured by Soundwave and after talking to Dylan Gould, he decides to kill them. Bumblebee is forced to watch as Que is executed by Barricade and sadly says goodbye to his friend. Bumblebee is next and Sam, who is nearby, tries to help, but his second boomstick shorts out.


Bumblebee is about to be executed in front of Sam and Carly when Wheelie and Brains cause a bunch of Decepticon fighters to drop on their position, distracting the Decepticons and allowing Bumblebee to break free and attack. Bumblebee leads the charge on their captors, and after a fierce battle, Bumblebee single-handedly kills one Decepticon protoform, before dealing a lethal blow to Soundwave, uppercutting through his chest and blasting his head off with his cannon.And helps the autbots battle their way to the building and he lead all of the autbots against a massive decepticon blockade and help took it down within, one failswoop

Bumblebee transports Sam and Carly to where NEST and Epps' team are and enters the battle against Sentinel and the remaning Decepticons. Bumblebee attacks Sentinel alongside Optimus Prime and the other Autobots, aggressively engaging the rogue Prime while Optimus held back the incoming fighters. Wounded by the attacks from both the human and Autobot forces, Sentinel calls in the remaning Decepticon fighters, forcing the Autobots and humans to turn their attention to them and allowing Sentinel to flee, although Optimus chases him down. After Sam kills Gould, who reactivates the space bridge bringing Cybertron to Earth, he calls for help and Ratchet and Bumblebee respond. After Ratchet shoots the Control Pillar, Bumblebee crashes through it, destroying it. This causes the Decepticon fighters to get sucked up into the half-formed Cybertron which collapses upon itself and is destroyed.


After Optimus kills Megatron and Sentinel, Bumblebee reunites with the rest of the humans and Autobots. After Sam and Carly admit they love each other, Bumblebee drops a bunch of gaskets to use as engagment rings though Sam tells him that's taking it too fast. Bumblebee responds that he was "just trying to help." As the Autobots stand around, Ratchet compliments Bumblebee's performance in the battle.

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