Aerialbots are gonna jump out of a plane.Suicide bombers.

Breakaway is a member of the Autobot Aerialbots. He appeared in Revenge of The Fallen and Dark of the Moon video games as playable/non-playable character in the campaign and Multiplayer mode.

Revenge of The Fallen Video GameEdit

At some point,Breakaway came to Earth after receiving Optimus Prime's message and took a vehicle form of an F-35 Lightning II fighter jet serving as the only flying Autobot in their group, in helping them battle the Decepticons.

Dark of the Moon Video GameEdit

Breakaway seems to have been promoted in the Aerialbots, who arrived on Earth some time later.

He was with Air Raid and Silverbolt trying to protect Stratosphere carrying the MechTech equipment from Starscream in an ensuing dogfight in the skies.

Breakaway was killed by Starscream along with Air Raid and Silverbolt.


  • Breakaway vehicular mode was a F-35 Lightning II.
  • Breakaway was supposed to appear in Revenge of The Fallen or perhaps in Dark of the Moon. But thanks to Michael Bay who forgot about him and the other characters, In which they only appeared in the video games based on the movies.
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