Brains is an Autobot in dark of the Moon.
Affiliation: Autobots, previously Decepticons
Alternate Mode: Lenovo laptop
Weapons: Shotgun.
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Brains is Wheelie's best friend and, like his friend, is an autbot and formally known as "The Brain-unit", although he's got blue eyes like the true Autobots (Decepticons have usually got red eyes).

We're not your toys and we're not your pets. We're an advanced, genius, alien race just looking for a home.

—Brains to Sam.

Movie plotEdit


Brains and Wheelie live in a apartment in Washington D.C. with Sam Witwicky and his new girlfriend, Carly. He is also refered to as being weird and creepy to Sam and Carly, Carly says she found him in her underwear drawer. They enjoy watching the original Star Trek series together. When an episode is on the television, they comment that it is "the one where Spock loses it".


When Sam goes to tell NEST about the Decepticons he gets restrained, the guards detect an Energon reading in the back of the car and discover Brains and Wheelie hiding in the back seat. Wheelie surrenders. Brains tries to put up a fight but gives up and unloads his shotgun then drops it before putting his hands up.

He helps Sam, Seymour Simmons, and Dutch gather information on the rising situation. When Carly Spencer comes in, Bumblebee jumps up and knocks down the chandler, Brains transforms and says, "That was smooth, Bumblebee!". He then proceeds to plug his "USB" hand into a printer to print out some crucial information he discovered.

Brainswheelie (1)

Brains and Wheelie join the battle in Chicago, when the Autobots reveal they weren't killed in the Xantium, Brains and wheelie hopped onto Epps' car and tells them "We're gonna help you win this war."


They later help by hijacking a Decepticon fighter and crashing it into the larger Decepticon carrier ship, although the latter part was unintentional, as they were caught within a tractor beam. During the time they were on the carrier, they dropped some of the Decepticon fighters on Soundwave and several other Decepticons, saving Bumblebee, Ratchet, Sideswipe, and Dino and allowing Bumblebee to kill Soundwave. Later they venture into the heart of the carrier and proceed to "screw the ship up". When they finish sabotaging the carrier, which is descending towards the ground quite fast, Wheelie says "We had a nice run Brains, you and me." to which Brains replies "Yeah, but we gonna die." Their survival is unknown (though they were noted to have survived in the novelty).


Wheelie: "Aw, shit, I've already seen this one, its the one where Spock goes nuts"
Brains: *while eating nuts & bolts* "We, are, fam-ily!"
Brains and Wheelie while watching Star Trek in the beginning