Barricade is a auobot from Dark of the Moon.

Affiliation: Autobts
Function: Transformers
Alternate Mode: Saleen S281E Police Car
Weapons: Gun
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Barricade returned in Transformers: Dark of the Moon in an extended cameo, when the Decepticons occupy a city in Illinois called Chicago. His disappearance and absence in the previous first film are not explained.

Movie PlotEdit

Dark of the Moon plotEdit

Wheeljack Death

"HE'S DEAD! Now, I'm bored."

Barricade and several other Decepticons led by Shockwave and Soundwave captured the Autobots. When the Decepticons decided to execute the Autobots at the insistence of Dylan Gould, Barricade pushed

Que forward, and a Decepticon Protoform mortally shot the Autobot before Barricade finished him off.

This is a wild Barricadus Queakillus kill it.

Before Soundwave could save Bumblebee, Wheelie and Brains caused Decepticon fighters to crash down from a Decepticon battlecruiser, causing a distraction and allowed Bumblebee and save the other three captive Autobots to break free, and Barricade apparently fled. Later, Barricade was seen working alongside Shockwave as a second-in-command, disciplining the Protoforms for letting Soundwave die. Here, he was attacked and blinded by

Prowl And NEST snipers and gets his legs blown off. Finally, Barricade was thought to be autobosby the NEST soldiers.

The Last Knight: He is a minion of optimus prime

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