Autobot Drones are characters in the Transformers film series.

Orange pulse that kind've looks like Bumblebee's weapon drone. Almost any way.

Some Autobot Drones appeared in the game (from scratch) as on the games of the previous films. Their alternate mode has not been specified yet, but some have been shown to transform into jets, planes, and cars but their is more to that obviously. Drones appear in only one movie which is Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen in the battle in Egypt. The drones in Revenge of the Fallen look like Blackout or Grindor. It is confirmed that there are drones in the Dark of the Moon Film and video game.The drones seem to have sparks and enough intelligent just to be mistake for an actually Cybertronian.

Known Autobot DronesEdit


  • Some Autobot Drones have a weapon similar to a claw and a pulse weapon.
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